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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Heal quickly!

Totally unexpected, I ordered a bunch of stuff Wednesday. The E-mail order confirmation for Vapor HQ came through at 2:21 pm Wed and I got it at 2:04 pm today. :grinning: They have officially beaten BullCity’s record.


That’s pretty dang impressive. I normally get my BCV orders in 2-3 days. I live 40 minutes from them and my order goes south to a hub before being shipped to another hub 21 miles from BCV and then shipped north to me. Odd the way it gets done.


Yeah, their record was I ordered on a Tuesday at 10:38, it shipped at 11:58 and I had it by Thursday 3pm. I’m halfway across the country from them and it’s always just the default shipping.


Got my wings today :innocent: Beautiful way to start my day. Thank you @JoJo @daath :hugging: and @GPC2012 !


You were nominated by @GPC2012 :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @GPC2012 :smiley: always a gentleman.


Congratulations you kind man. .
I want one …
Is there a badge for being an immature idiot??..


There should be :laughing:


I’ll nominate you for that :laughing:


Should be a court jester symbol.


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yur not pososed to tell :smile:


And I nominate you for the bluntness badge cos I love it when you get your blunt head on :+1:


Do it … @JoJo will have to make one :smile:


I’m smiling double today! I finished my taxes last night and will be getting quite the nice little refund back. I see some fun new vape gear in my future! And then today we were supposed to get “the snow storm of the century” and woke up to NO SNOW!! Checked the radar and the whole storm system is swooping right around us and into Wisconsin (sorry cheeseheads!). I’m a very happy mama!


Thank you. I hate being that way, but alas it needs to happen sometimes.


I call it his, “let’s not tip toe around the BS and take the issue head on” approach.


Maybe an iron forged hammer for the badge. That way I can smite things, lol.


Congrats @MisterSinner Well Done Sir :+1:


Thank you brother :+1:


Ive just cracked open Alisas Bust a nut and Ruperts Peruvian apple both after a 2 week steep and yep I`m grinning like a Cheshire cat.