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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?



Looked over and caught my furball watching a Jay Bo video along with me :laughing:


Knowing the ultimate joy the little Bialetti dude brings every morning, whilst I prepare my daily vaping arsenal and gird my self for what life may bring my way! :grinning:


Oh man that’s too funny!!


mind if I join ya bud? :grinning:


I’d love noth’in more! Man-o-mighty… a 1/2 cup of that with 1/2 cup of steamed half and half… X’s about a half dozen times; good to go 'til the afternoon. :sunglasses:


I just found this pic on my phone; my youngest son’s first ‘shave’. When he sent me this selfie I thought “Hm, this looks familiar” and then it hit me:

I would also like to say that these two guys have very little in common, apart from that exact moment in time. I hope it stays that way lol


Fifty shades of Bean


Hey Bro
How long did you steep it for? And did you give it a warm bath after mixing I want to make some.


30 days tops. Maybe longer.


I miss these things.



Oh how I remember those and the ass whooping my dad gave after the 3rd one blew up on him. Those things were loud AF.


Especially if you jam a few down in at different depths. False sense of security. Yes I believe I got my ass lit up for that one.


Made flower crowns with my daughter. :slight_smile:


Too late…


She is a mini you! :heart_eyes:


Stuffing my gut at Cracker Barrel.


This made me almost spit coffee across the room.
It looks like it took her some time to position that gargantuan thing in her hand so it wouldn’t drop…thanks kangertech for the good laugh.


It’s Monday morning…

It’s raining…

BUT… no work this week, because tomorrow WE GO TO VEGAS!