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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Woooooot!!! :rofl: Have a blast!

…but, be mindful!


As much as I hate maths (yup, procrastinating doing my taxes as we speak); I’m totally in love with nature and nature’s numbering system; the Fibonacci sequence. Such as this perfect little example here, they always make me smile and be grateful for whatever forces that surrounds us.

(Don’t mind the quality of the photo; it’s shot with my phone and an Olloclip.)


Go easy on the evil ether!


Nothing worse than two crazed individuals after an ether binge.


Beautiful. :two_hearts:


… there’s no argument which can’t be settled with cake! :rofl:


Also known as the Golden Section
Theoretically, this should be able to be applied to recipe creation/flavor percentages


Not much of a divine composition here though lol; the snail shell did all the work. I find in my own pics that when a photo falls kind of flat, the golden ratio is often missing, so it’s a good “rule”.

So how would you apply this to recipes; you got me curious there :grinning:


amazing collection man!!


We finally have a sunny day here in minnesota!! :slight_smile:




Yes! I’m in mn too and I was out gardening today! Hopefully it stays like this…


My tulips are making me smile, they’re so happy!!


woww…that was like 8 months ago…things have slightly changed since then haha

but thanks :wink:



Stole a brick from the demolition site of my FAVORITE restaurant, which is being torn down in the name of “progress”! :sob:The dude in the loader WAS NOT HAPPY that I was trespassing on the site! :rage: Screw’em!

I’ve eaten my weight in eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, collard greens, butter beans, fried chicken, pork chops, pie (every type known to man)… you name it!!!

I deserve a Fucking Brick! :imp:

R.I.P Finches! I’ll miss you sooooo much! :pensive:


Eating a batch of collards as I am typing.


That’s a bummer, dude! :frowning:
Cool that you got your brick though!


ooooooh I’m blushing! :blush:


A funny well written article about a slight vaping douche pro.