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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


One more pic.


Skull calling me up made me smile

Me: hello
Skull: quick question
M: ok
S: *asks question about WhiteRose mod
M: *answers question about the mod
S: *inhale of breath as if taking a vape
S: oh my god
S: *another inhale
S: this increases the flavor 20 fold!!!
S: oh my god! Oh my god, I got to go!!!

Click, call has ended


That amazing device has not left hand for most of the evening. I have set the smoke alarms of twice.


Then you’re doing it right!


Daughter-n-Law sent this today… I think my heart is going to explode :sparkling_heart:

My Granddaughter, Kit and the Unicorn:


Skullblade’s ode to WhiteRose.


So so beautiful! :heart_eyes:



A facebook memory notification today from 5 years ago when my daughter was born
A stark reminder that I have questionable morals…







…the fact that most of these guys are still around today… how lucky I am to have benefited from their devine comedy and timing… they truly inspired me and inadvertently formed my social graces for the long haul! :rofl:

Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl, 1980

However, a tear did come to my eye when I read this article:

If you’re lucky… you’ll have all your marbles until you die. If not, hopefully you’ll have good friends and family to help make your exit, stage left, a bit easier. :innocent:


Squonking :smirk:


flicking through my facebook photos and found this…2 years ago I thought THIS was obsessive …

made me chuckle :laughing: how little I knew…


LOL Vivi Nova. I bought a couple of them. May have used it 2 full tanks then stored it in the bin. Ahhh the road we’ve been on!



@Kinnikinnick post and vid on The Time Out Corner Thread. Love the Three Stooges :heart:



Facebook video called my nieces (2 yo, 6 yo) and nephew (9 yo) tonight. Seeing those little shits always make me smile.


Knowing that my 2nd of 3 Whiterose mods is coming today. Also a bunch of flavors from NIC River.