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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Very nice!

But to be honest you were admired here long before you got that badge.


Oh man…thank you very much brother. Very kind of you. :punch:


Agreed!! You’re a cool bro, @MisterSinner . :sunglasses:


Thanks sis! I love this family :grinning:



Yep, totally.


I got new fishies! My last tank got a bad case of ich and all the fish died so I had to restart from scratch. Now they need names! There are two female balloon mollys (one is preggo! Babies!!) and one male molly.


Welcome to the Gold heart club my man :wink:

We meet once a month just look down at all the lowly red hearters …sometimes we even sacrifice a couple depending on what mood we’re in.

We also have cookies :grin:


We need cupcakes too.


Man I could eat a cupcake right now

Ive had bitchy resting face all morning


I’ve been chatting with the sweetest cupcake all morning. I have a permasmile on my face. :blush:


Sure its not wind…?


Mommy fish is having her babies RIGHT NOW!


No wonder the FFF thread is dead today. You’re preoccupied.



That dog is having serious thoughts about killing everyone in the room to get to those cupcakes… and I have to say… I would not blame him one bit AND I would be more than happy to help him accomplish the task. :smiling_imp:


Finally built a coil that’s airy, tasty and non-flooding on a KFL+ Five Pawns edition base. Thanks to this, and other, online communities for all the help. It’s my first very cloudy vape after 7 or more years - happy happy:))


…the simple things in life! :wink:


Yeah, animal instinct can be dangerous and unpredictable. Especially when it comes to getting what it wants. :smiling_imp:


I just got turned away from buying a coil for the hubby at the vape shop because I didn’t have my ID on me. I was slightly annoyed for about half a second, but you know what? I’m 31 years old and I got carded. I smiled!