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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


That beats not getting carded at Del Taco for my Senior Discount :frowning:


14 lbs of ribs! :yum: I’m a happy camper!!

Oh, and a few cocktails… :wink:


Wait a minute is that you?


Yes sir :+1:


Can confirm.


I’ll be right there. I have my own napkin!


Be there in just a sec,

for the ribs of course


Just went from 50 to 275 in poker.


Here is to you going on a heater my brother,


Come on baby, papa needs a new WhiteRose mod!!!


Holding my own at 350. Started at 200.


Got grey on the head and the beard and I still get carded when I buy beer. I know they have to do it no matter what, but it still feels good.


Finally walked away from the tables. We are up from the casino. 7 hour grind, but did it. Exhausted is the word of the day.


My youngest offspring came over with the biggest box of chocolate I have ever seen. 30oz all spaced out in a giant fancy box that says “I love you Mom”. Awe… :heart_eyes:

All this I’m sure to butter me up for his next bit of news which he didn’t realize I already suspected. I’m going to be a Granny again! I say butter me up because the situation is not ideal but I saw this coming a year ago and complicated as it all is, I’m thrilled to be meeting Grandson #3 late August - early September.



Damn what ohm range is that in?


Papa got one too. I will show pics when it arrives. Lol.


:tada: congrats!! :tada:


Congrats!! :smiley: Babies!


Thanks @VapeyMama and @JoJo! If the ultra sound pix are any indication, he’s a black and white blob with a weenie. I’m sure he’ll be much cuter in person. :heart: