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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Hehe… I used to kid with my son that my middle name was “Nostradadus”… and that I was able to see into the future. :rofl:

Funny… once you’re a parent, it’s unbelievable how much of the future we can see by picking up on the subtle (or not) hints around us. :thinking:


That makes two of you…


see my son smile in his dream :grin:


Probably the only time I am ok with seeing that number…:innocent:


Woo-hoo!!! Congrats!


Having my 2 year old granson come to see me today for my birthday
He loves to play at papas house
Opened the door he had a ballon on his finger

He was too fast to get a picture of it though


Aw, look at them curls… Happy birthday! :balloon:


What a cutie pie!!
And happy birthday! :birthday:


Yes those curls are a favorite with the women
He has his mother’s hair
It is like taking a puppy around with me a chick magnet lol
It has been the moat fun of my life playing with my grandson even though I am the step father he is my heart
Nothing like it


too good to be true :laughing: forgive my sloppy handwriting…long day


This dude getting scared shitless!

…I can relate to this dude, due to my older sibling frightening the piss out of me every day for 16 years. To this very day, my wife knows to start whistling within 10’ of me or I’ll jump through the roof if she walks up behind me without any warning. :smirk:



Just noticed these 2 new badges…awesome. Hopefully it helps with the repetitive threads and questions etc. :+1:
Good idea @daath @JoJo @Ken_O_Where :punch:


Have new/advanced user tutorials been implemented… I’ve never seen either. Could be I just don’t pay attention sometimes :slight_smile:


Look like it. Prob just come up for new users when they create an account.


Yeah I hate to take the smile away, but I’ve never seen either of those badges before. We don’t have tutorials… :thinking: @daath?



hehe it must be built in Discourse badges that came with one of the many recent updates :slight_smile:


Hearing my oldest granddaughter FINALLY sing this song! She loves all things Halloween (hmm, looks like at least one of my granddaughters took after her old peepaw!).


Got more flavours in the post today! Woo hoo! :slight_smile: