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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Daniel aka DJLSB Vapes had his weekly live Q & A about 2 hrs ago…and my question was lucky enough to be picked! woot woot! (video link goes right to it) Plus…I ran into our new sister @Leilani in the live chat! and…it got better. Battery Mooch was in the chat as well and replied to my comment. I need to play lotto. What a good day. :boom::astonished::grinning:


That definitely made me smile today! I was like “What? This isn’t the same guy from ELR…is it?” What a pleasant surprise for sure! :cherry_blossom: I’m glad that your question got answered too! It’s like a roll of the dice if Daniel picks your question to answer because his chat is like a waterfall of questions.


For sure…the chat area runs and runs …you can barely keep up with it :laughing: happy to have caught you there.


Right back at you. :grinning:


Turkeys! I’m setting up my vape cave and I heard little gobbles outside of my window! Lol

@Bob_Bitchen … Recipe inspiration? :joy::wink: :turkey: :poultry_leg:


@rckchik’s kind words on the Squonking thread today :smiley:




I. LOVE. THAT OSTRICH! Fly my feathered friend. Fly!


I found an unopened 250ml bottle of nic in the back of the freezer!! :grinning:


Also, I have a clean freezer!


Knowing my little puppers does not need surgery.


Got this today, my very own, fully functioning Meeseek’s box!


Oh glad to see that’s actually a game …I was worried how to get the wine out o there without spilling :grinning:


The Roger Waters show in Phoenix last night :thumbsup:


It was a Kick ass show and I got 2 free tickets


My friends know me so well. I just got paid with BACON for a babysitting job!!



Reading this forum…crazy bunch of people I must say :clown_face:


Makes me smile every day!


Right on your bringing home the bacon :yum:


I didn’t want to start a new thread for this, but in a way, I’m smiling :slight_smile:

My son and I were going to walk over to our beach and spend the day adventuring. I decided not to go at the very last second and it was the best decision I have made in a long time!

Was it because of the shark watch you ask? Red tide? Jelly fish? Giant squid?


…That’s right, a friggin bobcat was just strolling our beach!


Porking the (adult!) babysitter is something out of Penthouse Forums…