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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Tweaked a car on Forza Horizon 3 and did an hour of laps, played with the puppy, ate cereal, turned on the Dear Hank and Green Podcast now that I have about 30 hours (episodes) to catch up on and mixed 10 bottles of e-liquid since my scale came in (which I only really find useful for the 25ml of AG base, but it is super useful for that bit) , and it’s only 01:30 (that’s AM folks), still got 10 hours of Saturday to enjoy n.n. And when I wake up at 21:00 tonight my new RBAs will be here too n.n.


My roommate is vaping! I think it’s been about a week, no cigarettes. I set him up with some gear and a few bottles of juice, and told him to help himself to any juice he wants to try in my vape cave. I’m so happy for him!!


I thought your roommate moved out and thus the Vape Cave was created


This is my other roommate. I did have two! Lol


My son Gordon and his Kit girl… They always make me smile.


My cute Navy guy made me smile. :wink:
Military guest of honor at the races tonight! He’s the one in the Navy shirt if you can see the blurry pics… Lol

And some fun cars! (These are my favorite.)


Aw what a little cutie!!


THIS little angel


The other day you posted about making margaritas, so I had to have some…Looks like I gotta get dressed and get some bacon.


Staying dressed while frying bacon is always a good idea. :wink:


I don’t wanna ruin my good boxers. They’re the ones I wear to church.


Go Navy!!!


Hell yeah!


Two things made me smile today - My weekly shower felt great, and gave my doggie a tiny hamburger patty with her dinner as a treat.


Wonder how many pieces were in that kit?
It’s very lifelike (and cute to boot)!! Lol



That’s a beautiful moment. :cry:




That was so cool. I would totally pay money to see a show like that.


Agreed! I would most definitely would pay to see them perform. My mouth was open the whole time I watched tthis. Just spectacular dancing and the lighting sequence is amazing.