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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


And I would thank you for supporting the Arts and Live Entertainment Industry! :sunglasses: Some of us make our living, entertaining the masses! There’s nothing like the tactile world of live entertainment. :ticket::woman_juggling::trumpet::musical_keyboard::guitar::violin::microphone::saxophone::circus_tent::performing_arts::tickets:


groucho is priceless. love that humor. maybe if i didnt like it so much i wouldnt have been fired so many times.:laughing:


looks like you have all the entertainment except the scantily clad women.


:dancing_women:… best I can do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did “draw the short straw” for having to pull back the entrance curtain for the swimsuit portion of the Miss NC Pageant tonight… 38 times. :sunglasses: Tough job… but somebody has to do it!


Thanks for the best night cap ever! This is a LOT better than counting sheep! @TheTinMan1 was with you also right?



Took one of those ridiculous online “tests” earlier this morning…why am I not surprised? :laughing:


Valium and cleaning all the pubes out of my teeth :joy:


News headline:

World Taekwondo Federation changes name over ‘negative connotations’


I once did one of those tests for ADHD. I didn’t have it but the test result said my score was too perfect and therefore I was paranoid. There’s no winning with these things.
Do you have to be paranoid to have OCD or is it the other way around?


wow paranoid because you scored perfect…strange lol. I don’t think paranoia and ocd go hand in hand but then again I’m not a doctor :laughing:


Fasttech finally shipped!
EDIT: Oh! Since initial post: I finally got a proper RBA (dual coil hive) on my cloud beast king n.n. No dry hits, fantastic flavour – so fantastic in fact it kinda cloys to my mouth and overpowers. . .I can still smell cherry blossoms man >.> Need to knock that shit down.




Oh the one hand my Sepentine belt broke and my car is sitting about 5 miles away until I can get somone tot ake me to jumpstart the damn thing.

On the other, I got an HTC Vive last night and it is pretty damn spiffy.

And then again, because I got that I don’t actually have even 20 bucks for a new belt until Thursday morning – how was I supposed to know my car was gonna be a dick a week before I put plates on the replacement car?

And last, well, I’ve already got the replacement car, think I’ll just drive it without plates for a few days.


Well I am FINALLY settled and moved into my new place, in my new state and I have a new room for my “lab” that has me grinning from ear to ear!

I went from a very cramped mixing room, to a very spacious room, all for my vape stuffs :smile:

Seeing as you guys are the only people I know that can appreciate such things, I thought I would share my new 2017 mixing area. I only started unpack my flavors tonight, so I still have so much more to build and add, but it has made me smile thus far :smile:

Closed for business;

I’m happy to get back to mixing soon! When I’m finished, the entire wall will be filled with flavors! [Insert creepy psychotic laughter]


And it’ll be damned good to have you back at it sir!! :smiley:


Sitting on the deck vaping and watching the neighbors blow off their paychecks… errrr I mean fireworks. xD Oh and this video. Be safe out there and have a happy 4th!


How do you find this stuff?


I google that shit… :laughing:


You google snow dicks shooting fireworks? That’s a pretty specific thing to google