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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Noooo, I googled firework fails silly. You got to watch the full video . That’s a premature evaluation sir. :laughing:


Snow dicks shooting fireworks and “premature evaluation”…
ok, I’m not going there. It’s not Friday yet :laughing:


Did I mention I got an HTC Vive last week? I spent the whole weekend with it just. … wow o.o

Also, the Wismec Inde Duo I got today is pretty killer.

My puppy is freaking out from fireworks, poor Blue.


So are my two. And that’s NOT making me smile


It’s a little ridicules, tonight! Driving my dogs nuts!


Thankfully the fireworks don’t faze my little Yorkie boy. :relaxed:


My 2 girls (dogs, but I don’t like calling them that) are both sitting in my lap right now. Actually that does make me smile


I would be broken if my “little dogs” did that!


Heh, my Blue is about 50lbs, perfect size for a lapdog for me actually. The pitiful curling up in my lap made me smile (she never curls up, too hyper, thinks every moment is wrestling time) – much less so when I had to leave her alone for work tho >.>


Just ordered a Griffin 25 Plus


Definitely my dog enjoying the special frozen yogurt I made him. Which he finished eating and followed up with a snuggle on my lap and a big thank you head snuggle under my chin!


Having a relaxing day to whip up my NET batches for the next few weeks! :sunglasses:


made some Ramen, fried some onions, added mushroom, added 3 eggs, dumped that on the ramen. Had some pepperoni, fried that and added it as well.

I missed lunch >.>

Also, posting on this forum has taught me that you can really tell I have a very old camera (well, phone) and no natural lighting in my house.


A new puppy!


If that’s a “puppy”, I don’t want to meet the mother/father in a dark alley! :flushed:


She’s not a puppy but she is a chicken! She was scared of the stairs!


Cherry blossom-Chai-rose-green tea is absolutely godly in my new Velocity RDA. I am in love with this flavour. . . now if only I had remembered to put the recipe into the sheets here >.>

But oh man, that nice earth tone as it rolls down the back of my tongue on the inhale and that sweet-floral exhale with a hint of that chai/cinnamony taste. to die for, and dramatically better profiled on this setup than on anything else I’ve got. I was pleasantly surprised.


She’s adorable! Did you adopt her? Did you get her today!


Knowing that the people here are pretty much the most awesome people on the internet! And feeling appreciative for one of the veterans here making a special effort to watch my back today! @DarthVapor


That’s what we’re here for! Anytime :wink: