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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Oh God! What ever you do… don’t listen to that guy! :rofl:


Shut your face, you, or I’ll tie you up and gag you in my basement…again



A few days ago, she has quite a personality! Finally fitting in with the rest of the dogs!


Can I volunteer instead!!! That would make me smile! :joy::joy::joy: sorry, couldn’t resist!


Awe, so sweet! Glad she is fitting in!


I have another, my first taste of straight up CAP Sweet Guava! Heavenly! Thanks @Amy2


Mmmmm. I do love me a bit o’ sweet guava.

WMMST … Oddity after a bath


Duuuuuuuuuude! How goes it? Awesome to see you! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


He comes at night mostly…mostly…


He he, soooo cute


Finding a new mobile browser after APUS turned into an ad infested crap machine. It’s called Via (and I loves it).


I was pretty happy when I took a poo today and it was in the shape of a question mark, made me ponder what fun stuff the day would bring.


Buying a new projector because you broke your tv!


Seeing Brit Floyd last night. What a blast! :heart_eyes: Heading to the lake to sit on the boat all night under the stars. Hope to get a big one… xD


my granddaughter spending the weekend with Nanny and Peepaw! Love it! Now if I could just get them all over at one time!


Blue photobombed the juice.

BTW – on the downside the internet lied saying Musk is like PArma Violet. It’s not – it’s absolutely some kind of floral – it might even be violet, I’m not great at remembering flavours in context clearly, without that context. But it definitely lacks the chocolate undertone. On the upside, it’s still delicious as hell. So long as it’s floral, I’m happy. Which is why fully 5 of those 6 flavours are at least partly florals, two being solely floral (one musk, and one 3 different flowers), and 3 just a flower + green or chai tea.


The Smoant Charon mod that I won from @Heaven_Gifts came already today!! Express shipped from China, delivered by DHL a day early! Thank you so much for the contest Heaven_gifts! :blush::blush::blush:

Vapemail pics to come as soon as my new phone arrives. The camera on this one doesn’t want to work very well. That’s another reason to smile, phone upgrade!!!


Let everyone know in the vape mail thread, no pic necessary. :wink:


I successfully poured VG into 5 60ml bottles without using a funnel, a big-ass syringe (what, do other people not have 50ml syringes?), or even transfer to a graduated cylinder and then into the bottle. Straight pour man! mwhaha.

to clarify – the first time I ever tried that. . . it was just a mess man. Got my courage up to try it again and it worked perfect. I no longer need to figure out how to get VG out of it’s bottle . . .which was getting hard now that it’s half empty (syringe suddenly wasn’t big enough >.>).


Yay You!! I still can’t pour VG into bottles without having a 50ml puddle around the bottom of each one