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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Getting ready for a federal inspection next week. I was sooooo happy to see 4:30PM roll in!

And the pitcher of Margaritas sweating condensation on the kitchen counter at 5:00PM


I had an awesome day today! Lots of things that made me smile!

:grinning: This awesome book that I cannot wait to read!

:smiley::smiley: For my phone contract expiring before my phone kicked and getting the new one delivered today - Just when I thought the old one was going to totally give out today! What a relief!

:smile::smile::smile: Finding out that the really low final bid on my eBay listing for a giant lot of adult coloring books and expensive art supplies was actually won by a woman going through chemo and deserves it all so much. And, being able to add a whole bunch of surprise stuff to it that wasn’t listed with the hope of brightening her day when she opens it!

:grin::grin::grin::grin:And, biggest smiling moment of the day, getting a pay it forward in the mail from @Saxon2 A Kanger pro tank 4 (that he wasn’t using) to use with my new mod! It was super generous on his part and can’t thank him enough! Thank you Saxon2! You are so kind and generous! It comes with the option to build coils, which I am excited about learning! Such an amazing and thoughtful thing to do! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to spread the joy! :smiley:


All round sounds like a pretty awesome day :grinning:

Good one @Saxon2 PIFing is so much fun brings a smile to everyone


Thank you! It was!

I totally agree with you on PIFing. I’ve been seeing so much of it on here and in my life right now. My neighbor just gave her car to a young man who had to leave 4 hours early to walk to work at Walmart! :blush: How awesome is that?


CAKE for breakfast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:point_up_2:… for a cake like no other! :yum:


It’s a small thing, but I needed to find something today so here it is: My beard’s coming along better than expected considering none of my brothers have any hair anywhere but their, you know, hair hair XD. Weirdest damn thing.


Its the hubby’s and my 11th wedding anniversary today! My parents are taking the kids for the night and we get to go out to celebrate with friends.


Congrats on your 11 and many more to come :hugs:


The fact that today is friday and I can go home and mix!


Happy Anniversary Mrs & Mr VapeyMama! :tada::tada::tada:


I couldnt grow a beard to save my life, nice work!


Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary. May you both enjoy this special day. :star:


My three year old Grandson made me smile today. He tells me how much he loves my garden and loves to water it with me. No matter what hes doing he will stop and come help me water it. Its so fun watching him truly enjoy watering the plants and vegetables! I would of never imagined a tiny tot being so interested in planting, watering and picking. And he actually loves eating the vegetables off the vine this way too!


My first order from Fasttech. Order placed on 7/15.


Took all 4 of my RDAs/RTAs and rewicked them today after a couple weeks since the original build. . . Attys lasted a bit longer than premade to begin with, but then you just take the wick out, set it on fire, straighten the coils back out and when you rewick it burns like it’s brand new!


Happy Anniversary!


My first order from Fasttech. Order placed on 7/15.


Two years since my last cig.


Congrats on the 2 years man and the many still to come.