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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Well done! Awesome job :smiley::tada::tada::tada:


Just started mixing my own juice. Leaving the house yesterday with some rather questionable experiment in my tank (tiramisu and bav cream i think). Not very good really btw. Threw some praline ice cream on top to fill up my tank and maybe help the flavor… =two hours away from home with some horrible juice i can only describe as “dry ice”. Would not recomend.


I always make sure I have several options with me! If it’s that bad I dump it!




I sure will from now on out! Lesson learned. Two unknown flavor attempts DO
NOT make one yummy flavor!


Feel for ya’, been there, done that. I found that tiramisu tastes best when left out of the recipe.


Lol! Best used at around 0.00001% or less to taste! I love the actual
desert, can taste the dark chocolate. Somehow overpoweringly nasty with
everything I’ve tried to mix it with. Thought it was just me.


You might also consider changing brands (though no idea which one you’re using/referring to at the moment).

They’re not all created equal you know… :wink:


So i’ve heard. I think , however, my main issue was mixing it WAY too
strong to try it out(like 5%) lol. Live and learn.


Progress photos of my almost finished @Whiterose0818 mod… :hugs:


I’m still smiling…


Booster (FA) is really good! I’ll dig out a good tiramisu recipe I found and post it for you, I love it!


This guy, I fuckin love you bro lol


I think I’ve finally got how much cotton makes a good wick sorted – short answer is it takes about half what my intuition kept saying – Basically I resigned myself to the mess and wasted fluid and just kept shaving down the wicking material until it leaked, then started over, stopping right before it leaked the first time. Then I did it again to see if I could succeed, and again, and again. After 3 shots in a row without having to trim anything, success!

I have learned how to wick! The key? Just barely enough cotton to touch the bottom of the well, not sit on it,and definitely not enough to coil up in any way at all. And it can look way too thin in the coil and still be fine

Also a neat shortcut to get it right, stuff the cotton down the well, then pull it thru the bottom of the well and trim it until the scissors physically can’t reach it without fitting inside the well itself.

Sure it’s obvious to everyone else, but I didn’t get it from the videos I’ve seen because everyone zooms in and has tiny hands so the perspective is all wrong from real life and big hands. So experiments are kinda fun, I smile.


Clean bottles!!! :smile:


Interesting. Does that actually get the tiny insides clean?


It did! This is actually the first time I’ve tried washing them in the dishwasher. I just had so damn many to clean that I figured I’d give it a shot. It even got the droppers clean which I was pretty sure was a long shot. I stuck them down into the little holes in the bottom of the sliverware basket. Absolutely zero juice or smell left!


I would still do a distilled water bath though. But that’s me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Joel5 that is well funny :joy::joy::joy:


@Ailith you’re a man no wonder, mind you that beard gives you good a great fanny face I’d still do ya :+1: