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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


@VapeyMama genious …


I totally get it. I don’t know how DJLsb gets anything to work well. I’m sure he has it down, but if I try to use half the cotton he does, I get nothing but dry, flavorless hits. I went about the same route you did. I ended up not rolling my cotton beyond the very end to thread the coils. Using about 1/4 to 1/3 the cotton he and some others use. I’m finally getting great flavor across the board on my attys. Once filled, non of my atty’s leak. Having said all that, I have a few with juice control that I fill off the mod with a damp rag handy. There are a few that will initially push liquid out during the filling process. I would rather have that and flavor.


Are you sure he is using cotton?


Ya, he clearly states “Japanese organic cotton” on every build video he produces. You can also clearly see him cutting the strips off of the pads. The only thing I’ve thought is maybe he uses a very thin pad? I have received some pads with atties that are very thin. The cotton I buy has pretty thick pads.


Just put in a bigass order from nicotine river – I’ll show ya’ll in Vape Mail when it get’s here n.n.


I seen a beautiful black butterfly in my flowers today! I never knew they existed until now. So pretty!


Lap/couch dogs!


Love big @Nicotine_River orders. Now that I’ve tried them, I’m not going to stop !!!


How many flavors did you order this time?!


@Steampugs getting a well deserved promotion at work :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Bless you my lovely :wink::kissing_closed_eyes:🖒 :tada: :tada:




Cats, because they’re cool…


How cute is the cat bed pic :heart_eyes:


I saw that pic and thought of the kid’s cats (Zippity and Zappity or collectively ‘The Ninjas’)


My two detest each other…I’m lucky to get them both in the same room :joy::joy::joy:


Bringing @Molly_Mcghee home from her stay at the hospital after surgery!
now all i have to do is baby her while she finises her recovery!


Give her our best hope she is well soon.


I will, and considering everything she is doing great!


Never seen one like that. Good shot!