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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


All my best for a speedy recovering.
Hope you aren’t fretting too much.


she thanks you, and not to much just enough!


Donuts and coffee at this morning’s staff meeting. Pizza party for lunch followed by three hours of goofing around cuz the boss was dragging it after eating.


what do you do?


I’m the lead case manager for a HUD funded housing program for the disabled homeless. We spent a month getting ready for a federal inspection that stressed everyone out (passed with flying colors) and today was our reward. Ain’t much, but I’ll take it.


so your one of the guys i deal with when the ac is broken the toilets wont flush and its raining inside, and i have to call for approval and you say wow that seems like a lot cant you fix it cheaper?


No I don’t dole out the money, I receive it LOL We actually take people off the street and place them in homes and my job is to teach them life skills and get them hooked up with services. I’m also unofficially the complain-to guy, the patience-of-a-saint guy as well as the such-an-asshole guy. I have lots of hats.


I’m sure what you do is great, I was joking more than anything, just giving you a hard time big guy i thought you liked it that way!


No offense taken my friend and please hit me with your best, I enjoy taking it as much as giving it LOL


oh i’ll give it all to you and you’ll take it and like it! BIG BOY!


Man, I’ll be happy when your wife gets better. You scare me :rofl:


Alright as much as i want to continue i’m going to stop as i don’t think this is the right thread for this.


All of the recent positivity shown. Not only in the “shout out” thread, but in the general resurgence of sharing of hardware (PIF), flavors, liquids (recipes that are mixed and shipped with love), and mutual respect and admiration going on!!

Kudos to all involved for keeping the ELR light burning so brightly!


Every time I rebuild, it’s the best yet. I get all excited “I learned a thing!” And then a week later I have a couplafew ideas on how to improve it, and one of them eventually works n.n.

My velocity switched from vertical to horizontal, keeping the .22omh alien dual coil, and changed the wicking to – like, I take a quarter of a sheet, roll it like a fag and slide 'er in, and then I can still use the other half of that line for the other coil since I give it just barely enough to reach into the well.

Downside of this version – that well will absolutely leak if I leave it anything but straight up, I don’t have wicking down in there to hold what’s in the well, and of course I just kinda pour the juice on so some ends up in there. But, 15-20 puffs per drip and it goes bone dry at the end. My vertical system stayed a bit wet even after it went dry at the coils, which is a problem since I just switch flavours all willy nilly.

Also this setup gave me so much extra airflow from that empty well I turned the airflow down by a third or half, not sure which >.> Damn screwcaps.

End result? Best flavour yet, clouds quite nearly maintained, lost the “watery” exhale, and a warmer vape a lower wattage-- all from a better balance of airflow.

I am getting pretty worn out on starting new wicks tho – that flavour bothers me more and more each time I have to vape thru it.


Flowers from my little guy so that I have something pretty to look at while I mix!


Sangria with Watermelon and Grape slices, it goes fantastic with my Banana Caramel Tobacco. Listening to the crickets.


Hope she has a speedy recovery!


She is, just dealing with the pain is the struggle.


*inerts funny comment about you being the pain here :laughing:

Seriously though, hope the pain gets batter. Take care of that woman, brother,


I am! We had a moment today when I was cutting the grass, she came out on the front porch and just stood there, I looked up at her and I was like ARE YOU OK!? What’s going on? Why are you up? And she said I don’t know I’m so confused I don’t know what’s going on, needles to say I didn’t finish the grass. That was scary for me.