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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Damn bro, I would have been scared too.


@Cutlass92 my husband is a HVAC Tech too :+1:


@Cutlass92, I’m not sure how I missed this one. Sorry about hearing about @Molly_Mcghee’s recent surgery. I hope all is well, she is on the mend, and whatever she was in for, is now resolved.


She had been trying to get this surgery for about 5 years, but the doctors where very reluctant to do it. I’m not sure why we have good insurance.


That’s scary. Check the side effects of whatever meds she’s on. My ex was on some sleeping pill, Ambien I think, and she would do some really weird stuff. Once she woke me up by violently shaking me and demanding to know where she was and another time she ate a 2lb bowl of Hersheys kisses in bed. I woke up to green, red and silver foil everywhere. Didn’t remember a thing either time. She quit taking them after reading about some people getting in their cars and driving around or walking around the neighborhood in their PJs, or less, and she didn’t want that to happen.


Thanks for the tip, yhea I’ve heard about this horror story’s on this sleeping pils.


Mmmmm… Hershey kisses.


This wonderful man (@Cutlass92) who has barely left my side. He’s always there when I need him.


Took my daughter out for a nice dinner since it was my birthday and we had this lovely dessert called Hemelse Modder, translation for the foreigners, Heavenly Mud :yum:


Happy Birthday Jose hope you had a great day :gift::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::gift:


Happy Birthday Jose, hope you had a wonderful day :tada::gift::boom::confetti_ball:


Thanks you guys, I had a great day. Lovely dinner and dessert and after we went to the playground near my house where we’ve been crawling through a wooden climbing castle like a couple of little kids :european_castle:
There’s a little cable cart as well, not a good idea when you’re stuffed to the brim and you’re swinging around like a lunatic :rofl: :nauseated_face:


Someone’s oouut of uniiiforrrrm… :rofl: :rofl:


Happy birthday Josie!! hugs :cake: :balloon: :fireworks:


Thanks Sparky :sparkles: :kissing_heart:


Happy birthday Jose! It sounds like you had a blast with your daughter!


Well the panties bunch and chafe, and the thigh highs are murder! Don’t even get me started on the garter belt and heals!


I had to make him change. I was laughing so much I almost popped a suture!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!