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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


On a different theme, I’m smiling today because I’m empting my last 100ml bottle of store bought juice today…because I want the bottle for my own mix. This is the best site imaginable for newbie DIY’ers like myself to learn and bounce ideas off others while making (hopefully) fewer wastefull mistakes. Thanks Everyone!


Happy Birthday and wow that does look tasty.



Today is my Sons birthday also


Oh you poor guy, I hope your son hasn’t given you the grief I’ve given my parents :sweat_smile:


Happy belated BDay Josephine. Looks like you had a delicious and lovely day with your daughter. Cheers!


Happy belated Birthday! :kissing_heart:


Thank you @Leilani and @Lolly, I’m currently recuperating :grin:


It’s all that playground shenanigans :joy: Sounds like you had a blast!


I did have a blast and now all my muscles are aching from climbing around. My daughter’s been eying that playground since they build it but she’s too shy to get on it when there are people watching. Bloody Goths, look tough, scared shitless. :ghost:
She went on it last month when we came back late from visiting my sister so I decided to take her again yesterday.
Next time I make sure my belly is not that full :sweat_smile:


I decided to try something other than the aliens and rebuild my tsunami, with my own coils (pre-wrapped hive wire) .270 ohm, check it (and yes, yet another flavour improvement, smaller than my upgrade in wicking a few days ago tho)

Best improvement here tho – check out how straight the legs are, they go right to the posts (the inner still kinda >.>. . .) But most matched coils I’ve put in thus far, and I generally use prebuilt so that’s. . .kinda silly really. Also they heat at exactly the same rate! Whoo! I never get that quite right! But I think that’s just part of ketting the legs and tension spot on for once, I didn’t even have to adjust, fired it, it was perfect. Didn’t believe it, fired several more times, got the warm fuzzies n.n. Even if I did spend probably more time than I ever have adjusting before I fired in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and my hair’s black now. I got bored.


The New SWB-Pro short scale bass went on sale today . I just ordered one :sunglasses:


More pics on FB



Bravo! The build that is … the hair, I don’t care, lol.


Sweet lookin piece! I had a 3/4 scale Epiphone violin way back in the late 60’s. Really nice on the fingers!


Yeah the reviews on the SWB-1 were really good then they updated that one Now they make the SWB-Pro

Poor mans Stanley Clarke Alembic Bass … LOL


I got and old fart strap today. You know, for over both shoulders. Only thing, it doesn’t fit. But wait! I put one strap under my right arm and it did what I wanted it to in the first place. Kept the neck up. It’s a neck heavy thumb bass. So… Wooohooo! I don’t have to try to fret and hold the neck up at the same time anymore!!! I still look like an old fart in it though. But then, I am an old fart, so that’s ok!!!


Reminds me of the old Kramer aluminum-necked, v-head basses.


Knowing that this little man right here is waiting for me at home

Meet Cooper. I adopted him last Thursday. This week he will be 10 weeks old. He is a high flying, bunny hopping, yappy happy, playful, shit making machine. And I love him to pieces.


Congrats bro! That is fantastic :star_struck:


He’s adorable! :heart_eyes:


Awww what a little cutie pie!! :heart_eyes: