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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I finally figured out the wicking on my limitless plus! Woot woot! I was starting get so frustrated with the dry hits. I’m a happy girl now! :smiley:


My idiot dog discovered the unbridled joy of playing in an inland lake. (Look at her eyes)


OMG, he’s so cute I can’t stand it!


This photo can be my smile for the day as well :stuck_out_tongue:
Altho I was re-listening to REvolting People (BBC radio-comedy), it is pretty funny.


I just went to town on our back yard with a machete. Holy shit machetes are fun!! You can’t not be smiling when you’re doing that!


He’s cute! I bet he won’t leave you alone when you get home!


That dog is having way to much fun!


She had full crazy face once she started playing. At first my husband couldn’t get her in there.


Happy Birthday :blush:


This is my first summer in out new home and someone around here has a rooster. I haven’t heard that sound since I was a kid! I love hearing the rooster! It makes me smile every time😁


Look how much she’s grown! :heart_eyes:


She’s a pony now.


This swimming pug was not amused at her lack of grace.

Can you just see her saying “please stop dragging me out to the deep water”


Ooooorah Tin Man, God is always watching brother. Thank you for adopting that “High flyin’, bunny hoppin’, yappy, happy, playful lil’ shit maker” !!!


@Jazzy_girl Reminds me of an interestingly bizarre incident that happened to me, while doing a favor for a friend of a friend in Camden, NJ. No offense to any Camden’ers here, but MAN, it was a hot damn mess. Ultra low rent, ghetto, with an extremely high concentration of “complex” individuals. I’m trying to get this favor done, so I can get out before the darkness comes, and as soon as dusk hit, there it was, a damned rooster crowing his a$$ off, in the uber ghetto of Camden, NJ. You can’t make this stuff up.


Check out Scott playing the New SWB - PRO



Grate tone on that bass. Love it!


@Rob62 I don’t play bass, but I drum, which means I hang around them all the time hehe. Liking that video, and love the tone of that bass. Again, not being a bass player, the first thing that popped into my head while watching, was Stu Hamm.


I started out at 12 years old playing Drums then went to Bass then Guitar

This is my 1980 maple Ludwig kit . at the time of the pic I didn’t have all my Zildjian cymbals up but the heads are all dual triggered ( so I get cymbals on all rims and I’m running a TD12 Brain )



Lmao! Now thats a story that sounds like its out of some 80s action movie or something. Awesome! That made me smile too :)))))).