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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Happy belated birthday!


Now you know what us women go through!


Awe!!! I’m glad you adopted this little cutie!


That is too freaking adorable!


My Coil Master V3 kit came today!! :grinning: I got a sweet deal on a slightly used kit on eBay! It has all the original parts, plus extras. And, it cost only a little more than a clone kit from Asia! The seller was amazingly helpful when I realized I used the wrong card to pay. They agreed to cancel my order and let me re-do it. Such a friendly person to deal with. And seriously, is there any reason that I would need to avoid a very slightly used kit?

Also, my flu is finally improving! Still hanging on a bit, but I am feeling better and better! I need to kick this so I can mix and build!


I’m glad your feeling better! And you got a really good deal on a kit!


One more thing for today! This handsome boy is Ziggy Stardust. I have introduced him before, but not his special talent.

His name came with him, and it was a sign to me because I love Bowie (RIP). He was found in the woods during a meteor shower, by a shelter volunteer. And that’s where Ziggy got his name.

Ziggy has the strongest tail I have ever seen. And he gets so excited when my husband comes home from work, he runs all around the house wagging his crazy tail. And I swear I will get a video of this…he runs past my husband’s guitar rack, tail waging and actually strums them all along the way with his tail!

:guitar::musical_score:"Ziggy plays Guitar-arrrr" :musical_score::guitar:


Thank you! I was so excited to see that kit for sale among all the clone kits! I came with 24 and 26 gauge Kanthal wire spools and 2 bags of cotton!


That’s awesome!


Great rehearsal tonight. Been awhile. Vacations and such. The guys were on top of it. Cranked out tunes from rock to jazz. Everything just landed in the groove. I think my face will be sore tomorrow from smiling. So will the rest of me. I totally forget I’m not 20 anymore when I’m playing.


I can’t wait to try this!! Since I can barely taste right now, I can start building but I will leave wicking and tasting until all senses return to normal.


Your only as old as you feel!


That’s Fantastic! What type of band are you in?


Practice wicking, I swear that’s an art all to itself! Not to tight not to loose, I know that sounds silly but it’s true!


Ok! Thanks for the tip!


Your welcome, just YouTube it they will explain better than I can.


lol, that’s hard to describe. It’s a five piece. All of us have been playing forever. Maybe fogyband? Everything from Segar to Van Morison. From ZZ Top to Cocker. From Santana to Kravitz. Are guitar player is native American Indian and our keyboard player is a nuclear physicist. Two other members are business owners and I’m retired. It’s just a hell of a lot of fun.


How ironic. I have a Native American cousin that plays guitar in a band. Ur guys name isn’t Keith by chance is it?


Sounds amazing! I would enjoy that!


I have watched videos to wick and coil everything I have. The community has been very generous to me and I have received several different RBAs!