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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Awwww! Congrats to you all! :kissing_heart:


That’s Mr gramps thank you JK

I’m just so shickled I could tit.


Hon being his wife makes you gullible tolerant and well a saintess by default. We love ya both.


They actually stopped by and told us last week or 10 days ago we were under strict orders to keep it quiet till they did the official announcement. Anyway when they told us I looked directly at my DIL and said “Have you figured what causes this yet” it’s fun to make a 30ish year old woman blush like a shy virgin. My son and I cracked up, I got THE eye from wifey. lol :wink:


Awwww!!! Congratulations!!!


At least someone understands!! :joy:


Of course I understand with my mouth I have to understand understand when to duck or run. lmao




thanks, sorry I missed the notification when you said it.






What made me smile today? Absolutely nothing! I had to spend $1000.00 for a sick Chihuahua, My wife manages somehow to kill the vacuum cleaner had to spend more money on a new vacuum cleaner , I had to catch up on yard work in a 102 degree weather um yeah… nothing made me smile today


Wow that sucks! But look at the bright side, lots of people would have been screwed. it may have sucked but you could get the dog taken care of you replaced the vacuum and you where physically able to do the yard work!


wow that’ really optimistic ! Seriously… you are absolutely right it all worked out


I got carded too a few days ago ( I’m 63) kinda cool actually


Sweet! That must have made your week!


New family members! Each kiddo chose their own fish and named it.




Timmy Awesome (my favorite name of them all!):


:joy: Timmy awesome! I love it!


Those are purty fishies!!! :heart_eyes:


We came home after being out for a couple of hours to find a couple paper cups from Arby’s destroyed on the living room floor, but a 3/4 box of opened Girl Scout cookies safely still on the couch(totally MY fault!) Bloodhounds aren’t too bright! :joy:


Right?! The 4 year old’s naming skillz are on point! :joy: