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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


So does that mean they have the title of awesome animal namer supreme!:sunglasses:


Sounds about right! :ok_hand:


Now me on the other hand… My naming skills are unoriginal and inappropriate. I have a molly tank, so one is obviously Molly, the others are Malcolm X, Ecstasy, and MDMA…


Huh, well your 4 yo must get his naming skills from his dad then! :rofl:


Yeah… The hubby just shook his head at my fishies’ names…


He needs a better sense of humor then!


I’m hoping he was laughing on the inside. :joy:


I was laughing on the outside and thought of the movie American history X


I was vaping by an intersection in the country today when a young kid was cruising through. He started through the intersection, saw me blow a cloud of vape and reversed to beside me. Looked over and blew his own cloud and gave me a nod. Lol. Had to smile and yell “Vape On!” at him as he sped off.


it really did!


I spend about 50 a month on a Chihuahua with congestive heart failure. I do understand my kitchen has no floor in it and I don’t mean linoleum I mean I have 2X12’s laying on the beams till find a contractor that can at least make it to an agreed upon day and time to give me a bid. I figure it they can’t make a meeting that potentially will make them a decent amount of cash they can KMA


I am officially on holiday – this almost went in “what do you really hate” because I got 3 whole damn days’ notice (try planning an actual holiday on 50 USD while the country freaks out about gas >.>) but. . .fuck it, I needed a break. I was seriously I worried I was having a heart attack earlier this week (felt like a panic attack without the panic part) so, clearly I need some rest.

Soo – yay rest!

Also, that 50 bucks went on FF XV and some beers >.>


Enjoy that rest, sounds like you deffo needed a break!


Congrats Gpa :tada: :tada: my first grandsons bday ended up being the day before mine. What a gift!!!


Camping is just as cheap as regular living. Look on https://freecampsites.net/ or just type “free campsites” into the Googlemachine. Then you can spend all 50 bucks on beer …well and ice.
Rest Up!


I’ve been down that road of the attack without the panic twice. I now sport two very cool pieces of jewelry their located in arteries near my heart. cute little spring looking things called stents


My chiropractor sure made me smile today! He made a special trip into the office to see me today for an f-ed up back. Only dude in the world who can grab my ass and get thanked by my husband… :joy:


Today i received a gift in the mail from @Sprkslfly the gift was wonderful and much appreciated , but it wasnt just the gift the way it was done had me smiling all day and laughing thank you again id explain but im horrible when trying to explain things unless its verbal if @Sprkslfly would like to explain in detail im sure a lot of people would get a good laugh


pics or it didn’t happen!


You’re quite welcome bud! :smile:
(Sorry for having a bit of fun at the momentary expense of your nerves!) :smiling_imp:

Oh, it happened LMFAO. Trust me! lol /eg/

Anyways… It went a little something like this:
So I’m a member of this wonderful DIY mixing community called ELR, and I’ve had some truly wonderful folks share things with me, so this was just another “random repayment”. Being as I entered the AtouchMall Solomon RTA giveaway for “moral support”, I stated that I had no interest in the tank, and if I won, it would go to some wonderful member of ELR!

Unbeknownst to fidalgo_vapes, he was chosen, and I gave them his info when it came time. (I still have other folks info on hand should this ever happen again…:smiling_imp:) So, crazy tracking number issues aside, his happened to be the first of the three delivered. Never mind having been on pins and needles from trying to figure out the tracking number nonsense… Multiply that by the anticipation of the surprise factor. Lol

Anyways, I get notification that it’s been delivered (Yay USPS text notifications!) and I impatiently wait a couple hours, and then I text him. Now bear in mind, I’m almost 100% certain that he doesn’t have my number in his cell. So, to him, it’s some unknown person with “personal details” about him.

So that’s how it started…

Meanwhile (and I didn’t let him cook too long) I let it sizzle. Just a nice, slow, burn (where a minute or two feels like an hour, as all those thoughts go rushing through like a stampede of horses, shaking the grounds in nearby mental recesses…).

He came around pretty quickly, but not before having racked his brain thoroughly, AND having done a reverse number lookup ROFL (which I know didn’t yield anything more than my geographic region), but being as he’s a smart cookie, it clicked pretty fast!

At any rate, I couldn’t resist messing with him a bit, primarily because I was not only excited, but more because I didn’t know if he had a publicly open mailbox, and didn’t want someone seeing a package delivered, and trying to make off with it.
Also, he could be like me, and never check the damned thing unless I know I’m expecting a package or /curses/ a bill.

Regardless, once the “drama” was over, he sent me a quick pic, showing he received it in good order!

Bottom line, I hope you enjoy it @fidalgo_vapes! If not, you can always PIF or give it to your other half, or whatever you please. =)

All the best,