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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


lmao that was some funny stuff , ive told the story at least 10 times , and you are right at the time i did not have your phone number only knew where you lived lmao


That’s is awesome!


The only way it could have been any better would have been being able to see the look(s) on the face as the questions “fired off” sequentially.

They have my phone number? o.0
They know where I live? 0.0
They’re watching my mail?!? :flushed:
bring it
/racks the slide



Nah, carry with one in the chamber :wink:


We both carry with one in the chamber.


My faith in humanity has been seriously boosted today. I took everyone to Water Country today, and had my ziploc with Id’s, Credit Card, all passes in my bathing suit, of course it fell out in the wave pool. Of course. I ran amok all over that place, talked to everyone working there, finally had to fill out forms and leave. I was all set to cancel my cards in the car when home called and said a man dropped off my ziploc, everything intact. He lived like an hour and a half away from me. Man, that was awesome.


Wow, that’s fantastic. What a relief!


Wow! Now that is a nice person!


I’ma be honest mama, I cried. I was so mad I beat a sign down ( hopefully no one saw my little tirade). Whew, that’s a weight off, so glad there are still good, honest people in the world.


Of course, as I am running down a hill to backtrack my steps, two nasty looking college dudes decided to take video of me running from behind, but I’m gonna let it go, because obviously goodness cancels out awful pervs.


Saw this little beauty in my front yard yesterday! It comes every day to eat off the apple tree. I will name her Gilda :yum:.


Yeah that puts a smile on your face.

At my previous house the would come and eat from the compost pile when there was snow, offcourse when we noticed extra fruit and veggies went on there (bought specially for them)


I mainly eat fresh fruits and veggies, or health food so I have been putting all kinds of stuff outside for her, blueberries, strawberries, cucumber (she loves cucumber). My racoon comes at 8pm, so I have to peanut-butter bread squares and top it with Cheerios on a plate far away, they don’t like each other much.


@Cutlass92 's parents used to leave nuts out for squirrels. One day, they didn’t and Mr. Angry Squirrel came in through the screen to explain his disappointment. They stopped feeding the squirrels after that. :joy: Chicago squirrels are gangsta.


Oh my gosh Molly, my racoon does that to my back sliding glass door to my bedroom if heaven forbid, I forget to feed him, or he tries to climb the siding of the house (which he can’t because he has a paralyzed front paw).


Keep those peanut butter cheerio sandwiches coming! :joy:


That’s not all they would do, they would climb the screen and bounce on it so they would hit the glass in the sliding door, until thy got there nuts, and the time the squirrel came in it attacked and bit my dad.


When a squirrel gets rowdy like that, just feed him a walnut.

Out of a Wrist Rocket


We used to have a very large roadrunner that would get mad if I didn’t leave birdseed out and hammer away on the metal casing of the swamp cooler.
I would leave the seed in a little pile with a tiny sign that read “free bird seed”. Thought of setting up a booby trap, but we all know who pays the price for that…



Did dad have to get rabies shots? I did when I was around five yrs old. Crazy squirrel bit my finger after breaking off a piece of cookie and throwing on the ground. I guess the one in my hand looked more appetizing. Flying squirrel latched on my finger is forever etched in my brain.
I also have a crazy uncle who took the screen and glass off his front door and a bowl of nuts on his side table. Let the varmints come in and out to eat. I was mortified.