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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Holy crap me too, did you have to get those huge needles in each leg too? Then the series of them in each arm, though I can’t remember how many. Geez that was pain…shudder*


Yeah a series in the upper arms and legs. I don’t remember either how many but I dreaded getting them . :persevere:


I didn’t even realise they were actual real life birds! Cooooool!



^ roadrunner :laughing:


So cute! :heart_eyes:


They are snake eaters, believe it or not.


Okaaaaay… So nearly cute :laughing:


Nope he was old school, didn’t do more than wash it. No bandage or anything.


@KrisKing84 & @BullCityFlavors get gas soon guys, you know our surrounding areas are going to freak out with Irma coming especially since we are all close to the coast, the price is already rising due to Harvey. I have talked to the ordering Dept. with Walmart and they are already having to order more bottled water than usual, so stock up soon. It’s obviously not concrete, but we should be prepared if it gets close to us.


Greatly appreciated!! The Walmart on Nimmo parkway ran out of water just the other day. Definitely gonna be getting gas. I’m still trying to decide if leaving my neighborhood would be a good idea… as the flooding is going to be a whole buttload worse than the last storm we had and the one side of my neighborhood had 4 inches of water in their homes…


I’m stocking up, we are so close that if you need anything, or run out of anything let me know, I’m keeping an extra propane tank in case power goes out to cook as well. I know we are still ahead of that right now, but don’t hesitate if y’all end up running out of anything to pm me.


Greatly appreciated!!! Same here. I’ll be stocking up as of tomorrow. You can never be too prepared. I think the only thing I would really need is water and canned goods. I have enough batteries to last me through the apocalypse. Propane tank is already full. And gas. Never enough gas. My neighbor has a generator. He let us run an extension cable from their house to ours so we could power our refrigerator. I should probably look into getting one for ourselves just in case.


Kinda like us trying to close a dog bite on your lip with superglue?!?!? :joy:


Well yeah, but I didn’t want stitches, and we didn’t want to deal with the questions about what happened and the possibility of something happening to the dog.


Yup. Roadrunners (or as my dad would say: radrunners), rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas…all kinds of fun stuff in the desert. Had a 4 inch praying mantis as a guest once. His name was Freddie (after Freddie Mercury)


Today I sold my last baby sling. I’m done having babies so I figured I could use the cash for my WR fund. :wink: Anyway, a woman contacted me and asked if I would take $30 for it instead of $50. She is adopting a baby girl from India in a couple weeks and really wanted to be able to wear her baby but couldn’t afford $50 (or the $100+ price tag for a new one). I was so happy to see it go to a new loving family I didn’t even care about that $20!! I’m such a big sap about this kind of thing. :blush: So I’m happy for them and I’m happy for my WR fund!! Smiles all around. :grin:


Having the day off after 11 days straight.


Yikes! Hopefully it was relaxing!


I think Bowie and Ziggy Stardust need to meet!


This photo came up in my “memories” from 4 years ago on Facebook today. @Cutlass92 and I were excited to see Kitt at one of the oasis stops in Chicago, but the kids didn’t have a clue. They humored me for the picture and laughed as I tried to explain how cool David Hasselhoff was in the '80s…