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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I got another call from them this week but I wasn’t in the mood to mess with him so I just hung up.


It’s that time of year! They have to steal our money before we spend it all on Christmas.


True, most of the time I let the answering machine pick up. If it’s a number I don’t recognize and hear a click, I assume it was a telemarketer or a scammer.
Love how you annoyed him with the window connection. Too funny! :rofl:


Spending time with my son working on his grandmas roof!


Last night we had Chinese food for dinner and I thought I had cleaned everything up. Turns out I didn’t. I woke up to Kara running around the house playing with a soy sauce packet. The playing ended as you can imagine. Her little fang punctured the packet and she got soy sauce in her mouth. I wish I had gotten a pic of it!


You have a pet vampire? Cool :sunglasses:



I wish. Different little blood sucker. Blue point saimeses.


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


I survived my first day at my new job!! I got there 20 minutes late due to a car accident that caused a 5 mile back up… :roll_eyes: Everyone is super friendly and I really like it so far! And they didn’t even give me shit about being late. :smiley:


Congrats on the new job - and surviving! :tada:


Congrats on the new job, and getting the first day behind you.

In honor of you getting a new job, I’m taking tomorrow off.


That sounds like a fabulous idea!!


I’m smiling today because I just received a couple dozen pairs of high end shoes. They are all brand new in the boxes! My Mom loved shopping and was a serious online shopaholic!! We just started to go through her things now. We started with her shoes and they all fit me perfectly :sandal: :mans_shoe: boots n heels n everyday dress ahhh I’m in shoe heaven :boot: :athletic_shoe: I wish my Mom was here to wear them but since shes not I will make sure they get worn!! Thanks Mom :sparkling_heart:


Nice one @Molly , wishing you great succes on your new job :+1:


Thanks @Brunkezz! I was complimented on my performance by one of the docs and the nursing manager today, so I think that’s a good sign! :smiley:


Are you a nurse Molly?


I’m a certified clinical medical assistant. :blush:


My husband posted this on Facebook today… Made me chuckle. :wink:

RIP Hugh!


Awesome! I have a friend who works at a peds clinic, shes a medical assistant too :). Thats def a busy job! Congrats on your atta boys from the manager n docs :sunglasses:


My kitten had her vet appointment to day and my sister had picked her up to take her. You see she has my kitten’s sister, so we book the appointments for both cats at the same time. Then she picks up my kitten and I pick her up afterwards. For months my sister has been giving me shit 'cause my kitten bites. Well, when I went to get her, I walked in to see my Kara in her carrier taking a nap. We (the humans) started talking and my sister is going on about how nasty she was when she picked up her kitten who decided to bite her…on her nose. I couldn’t breath, I was laughing so hard.