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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Well thats cool Molly, i am sure you will do great !
My girlfriend works in a hospital aswell as a nurse, can you believe she tested her syringe skills on my arm ?
Am still traumatised… :smile:


You’re braver than I! :laughing:
I don’t even like experienced professional medical personnel getting near me with the damned things!
It’s really ironic AF that I can use them without issue every time I mix. But just the thought of one going into my skin makes me shiver. :flushed:


Trick is to be distracted or look away and relax :slight_smile:

Problem was that i cannot be distracted while she was practicing cause she was telling the steps to do out loud !
I was glad when she gotten her medical degree :rofl:


Or faint. Works for me every time :joy:


I could stick ya faster than you’d feel it! :wink:


A Heaven Gifts gift in the mail.


Sometimes experienced doesn’t mean good!!! I’m both, though. I don’t do many injections anymore. This is a pain management clinic, so the docs do all the injections because they go into joints or the spine.

And I’m really, really good at swabbing for strep and flu. The secret there is, I don’t like to be puked on. :smiley:


Sounds like something @Cutlass92 would say on a romantic night out “This wont hurt a bit did it”


Hahahaha!!! I’ve NEVER heard him say that. It’s more of that John Mellencamp song.


I’m smiling because it’s Friday!


You got that right!


you know how i get big boy!


Here Saturday just started, off asleep :slight_smile:





Revisiting the success story thread, made me smile this morning.


All that pride and enthusiasm. How can that not put a grin on your face?

Stop by, give them a few likes, and pats on the back.


The pictures from the meet and greet @Cutlass92 and I went to after the drag show the other night.


Pumpkin spice mocha and Staten Island Summer. :yum: Breakfast of champions right there!


I knew it was just a matter of time until the pumpkin spice started showing up in the VM recipes :rofl:


I’m straight up BWB! Love me some pumpkin spice!!!