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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Amazing friends made me smile big time today, then cry a little, then smile again, then choke up a little at the grocery store, and then smile some more! (I’m kinda emotional… :wink: ) I fucking love my sqad. Top notch folks.



That’s awesome!


I made a vacuum chamber today from an old refrigerator compressor and new acrylic cookie jar. Worked well up to about 15 inches of mercury then imploded on my kitchen table! Actually awesome. Next time I will test outside.


Okay, this didn’t happen today, but I’ll bring it up any way. A few days ago I took my kitten to the vet to get spayed (required by the breeder) and an onychectomy on her front paws. She had to stay with the vet until yesterday. Well, the day we dropped her off the vet said that she would contact us when the operation was complete. As the day went on, we did not get a call. We started to get nervous and decided to call to see what was going on.

As it so happened there was an accident that pushed back our kitten’s operation, then there was a complication with the spaying. She was trying to figure out how she was going to explain when we called. Our kitten was fine and in recovery, but they had to do some exploratory surgery. Turns out our baby only had one ovary. The vet had only encountered this twice before.

We were able to visit her the day after the surgery…The cat above her kept batting our heads, so I wound up giving him some rubs and scratches. Nice fella. Yesterday we picked he up and she has been making me smile since. She has not figured out yet that she has no front claws. Keeps trying to scratch at the furniture. Feels great to have my Netflix buddy back.


I would have demanded 50% Off! :wink:


I’m thinking I should contact the breeder. She sold me one that’s missing parts.


So this happened.

And, in an effort to not have all the pieces shatter out and slice me to bits, I did this.


Was the “do not slam” sign up before or after the glass cracked?!


I got two free tubes of mascara (@Lolly knows I need them… :joy:) and a free bottle of foundation from Ulta today! Yay coupons!! :grin:


Nicely done :wink:


I put the sign up right after, because everyone just let’s it slam instead of physically closing it. I would take it off the hinges, I’m not one to just let something go that needs fixing, but I’m afraid it will fall and kill me. So in the meantime, Halloween decorations.


Well that’s good! At least it didn’t happen because of people ignoring the sign. :wink:


What has made me smile today (and yesterday)? The outpouring of support and ideas from others on this site. It has made me feel we are going in the right direction, but just need to add some flair to our label image and our juice names. I love I can come to a group of, somewhat (I don’t think I have actually physically met any of you), complete strangers and receive such support. I love that many were completely honest about their opinions. It is a rare thing, that I value.
You all have made me more confident in keeping our company name and our quality standards high, both things are very important to me.
Thank you all! :grinning:


Manchester 2 - 0 Napoli first half just ended :tada:


It’s Friday!! This gif has made me smile more than I care to admit this week. :joy:


My 2 & 1/2 year old daughter threw a ball at the fridge and said “fucks sake daddy” I tried really hard not to smile but couldn’t stop myself. I gotta change!!!



Ahhhhhhh!!! :joy:

Paddington was one of my favorite stories a kid!!


Mine too!
Adorable little bugger!