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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Whent to a nice super hero convention kind of …

Came across this nice statue :open_mouth: :grinning:


That’s cool!


it is indeed :smiley:

First was like :astonished: then like :yum:

Whent to have a talk with those guys (italians), said it was made from recuperated car parts, took em 2 to 3 months to build it.


This past week, I met two people that I will always remember. The first is a young gentleman who was schizophrenic with a traumatic brain injury. All he wanted to do was talk about Halloween. When I asked him what his plans were, he motioned to his government provided ankle jewelry and said, “it’s not like I can go anywhere.” I asked him if he used tobacco products (mandatory question for reimbursement from government insurances), he responded “I just drink tea and eat gummy bears” with a huge grin.

The second was a young man who somehow survived a gun shot wound to the face who was just so happy to see the sun shining.



Having my three kids together for the first time to celebrate the arrival of Cerys Olivia, life is so good right now :heart_eyes::heart::heart:


A few moments ago, seeing your pics on your congrats thread gave me today’s first smile. All of Cerys’ hair took me back to when my youngest was born, 28 years ago. She had so much hair, going in all different directions, that her kid nickname was Kramer.


Late night laundry and magical hair that blows around with no wind😁


The outstanding amount of support that many of the ELR members have shown in helping out a close friend of mine, who is a complete stranger to them, in effort to help save their home.

Blown away, and smiling,.


Great to see they’re nearly at target! :smiley:


My Mother milk arrival! Ugggh I’m so weak


No you got it so you had it to test for cloning purposes!


Exactly…now that I’ve been mixing for a bit maybe I can get close.


they were calling me all the time from a different number every time I logged the numbers called MS myself and asked about it. IT IS NOT MICRO SOFT it’s a scam. I finally told one guy I had just dumped MS and all my systems were linix based now. Sorry bout the spelling.


Our daughter just got her LVN license last month.


@Molly_Mcghee Oh bring it on Molly hun. You can stick me anytime.


Its really strange because I used to love mothers milk and it was my very favorite ADV!! Now that I’m vaping it today, it doesn’t taste that good anymore :(. I’m not sure if they changed there formulations or what but I’ve had more spectacular juices from DIY. Strange…


It’s probably over sweetened.


“What has made you smile today?”

My ELR family… love em… :kissing_closed_eyes:


They probably didn’t change it, but you taste and taste buds have developed from going the diy route.


Ur probably right bout the sweetener. @Duchesst yea I cant imagine theyd change such a popular recipe but it so strange that it taste so different to me.