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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Sneezing pandas and emoji hearts did a pretty good number on me today😁


:panda_face: :dash: :sparkling_heart:




I’m gonna post now for today and the rest of the week to come, due to the fact that I’ll be smiling for the same reason from the time I open my eyes til the moment I reluctantly shut them again, alllll week and then some.



Metallica kicked ass @ Antwerp, still smiling for a good concert they brought, knowing these guys are pushing mid 50’s !


So I lied…I gotta post again for today cuz I feel like I just have to get this off my chest. I truly can’t begin to express how happy I am that after being on the recipe side for so long that I finally came over to the forum. I still don’t kno a lot u that well yet (partly my own distractions) but I can still say that I’m over the moon to be a part of this amazing place. Just because I may not be involved in a thread doesn’t mean I haven’t read it, and everything I’ve read from the start has kindled a love for this place and all u guys/gals that can’t be put into mere words. I just felt compelled to let everyone kno that I couldn’t imagine not being a part of this community now. So, to everyone helping make this place the a special little dimension we dwell in this fucked up world we live in…massive kudos and much-much love!:relieved:



#sogladtohaveyou :wink:


I got to go to Target… by myself! It was magical. :sparkles: :heart_eyes: :sparkles:


Sounds like it was lovely…



Made me sad. The local vape shop maybe, but Target? Oh, I’m so sorry.


Nah man. You have to understand…
Target has been the new “bath & body works” or “bed, bath, and beyond” for chicks for several years now.

FWIW, I don’t get it either. :roll_eyes: but hey, it makes them happy. Go with it.


@SmilingOgre this^^ :wink:
Target is my happy place.


I know my wife goes there but I guess I missed the excitement in her tone. She dragged me there once. It was better that Wallmart. I went to one of those once too. Up till then I thought the walking dead was just a TV show.


They have free wifi so I can pretend to shop while I message people, and the kids there aren’t mine! Plenty to make me grin!


Oh yeah! It’s far better than Wally-World.
Far less “LCD” (lowest common denominator) factor. Typically far younger crowd, that’s heavily female oriented!

I’m not sure exactly why… But those Frenchies have excellently and efficiently executed their marketing strategy to the teen to 30-something female crowd. To the point that I have to wonder if there’s something in the air, as well as colors only women can see subconsciously implanted in their store signage. It can’t be their commercials alone…

Either way, I enjoy going there to chick watch (the 30-somethings obviously)… Ermm I mean, buy cat food… eg And occasionally notice the occasional guy getting dragged around… Rofl


sigh aah, yes there’s something about the way Target smells. They probably do pump something into the air but I don’t even care. I’ll breath deep and enjoy.


We have a new store called Rural King. Like Farm and Fleet on mega steroids. Unbelievable selection of Grog toys. Makes Cabellas look like a corner drug store.


Makes me sneeze.


Am I not a normal chick? I’d so much rather go to Cabella’s or Tractor Supply than Target. :joy: Or even better, one of our local gun shops! :smiley:


I’ll make my proposal now. My I knock you over the head and drag you home?