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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


We’ll have to move to Utah first.


No problems. I’ll bring you back after we go shopping.


Sound great!!! Can we look at the fishies and the taxidermy?


As long as we can also look at rifles and cooking gear.


It’s a deal!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Next time you go try wearing khaki pants and a red tee. More than likely at some point you will be asked to leave but not before you confuse the hell out of people that are asking for help.


Thought for the heck of it I would take my blood pressure. Had to replace the batteries. It’s been awhile. Dropped from one forty something over eight something to 118/76. Kinda figured it went down. Only thing that has changed is vaping instead of smoking.


I prefer the #bwb uniform… Black yoga pants, sweater, cup of Starbucks. :wink:


#bwb…all that comes to mind for me in that scenario is B.uns W.ith B.eans…:thinking:

Yup, smile achieved! This qualifies as my post for said smile. drops mic :microphone:



@ADKmac Welcome to the DARK side hehe.


@Molly_Mcghee BOOOOOM, sign me up for THAT trip !!!


I’m a lucky guy!


You know @Cutlass92 many people don’t know it, but Cabellas carries an entire line of Body Washes and Shampoos too !!!


It’s not your Grandfather’s Cabellas anymore !!!



Mega Dittos


I might be wrong but I think that’s for hunting so they can’t smell you.


Great spin!

I mean… I guess you could count deer and Fox urine as body sprays. :rofl:


If I used that I wouldn’t get the dogs off of me!


/cue XXX movie quote:

“Bitches leave”

…as for the last few seconds, I guess I should have expected it /facepalm
It’s the only clip I could find quickly though. shrugs


Yeah? I never make passed the guns and ammo. :smiley:


I woke up this morning to my kitten chewing on my new headphones cord. She completely chewed though it. Less than a week old. Well, I started to get mad when she looked up at me with this “oh, shit” look on her face…Then she gave me her anime kitty face. It is impossible to be mad at anything that cute.

That’s not her, but that’s the face. No coffee, her little butt sitting on my laptop, destroyed headphones and I couldn’t help but smile.