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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Shhhhh, It’s a full line of Body Washes, and Shampoos !!!


Finding out i do not have cancer. Makes life more enjoyable.


Congratulations brother.
I don’t know if that is a congratulation moment or not.
Suffice to say I’m glad you don’t have cancer :+1:


Yes it is very much a good moment for me. Need to celebrate with more
coffee. Way to early in the fucking morning for me.


Congratulation being in remission for the last 2.5 years it is always good to hear others have avoided it. IT ain’t fun.


Somehow I missed this @Skullblade789. Not sure on the particulars, but congratulations ?



I am so happy today!! I got an interview for an after hours care nursing position!!!


Fab news! Keep us posted! :smiley::tada::tada::tada:


I sure will. I’m so excited about it!! Its time to get my butt back to work :slight_smile:


Congratulations bro!


When your dog doesn’t like it’s food dish!


@Cutlass92 and I are both in the middle of the work week from hell. Went to the grocery store to pick up the dog food in the picture above. He puts the bag in the cart, and it rips sending a cascade of kibble pellets all over the aisle. And all we can do is stand there and laugh at each other. :joy:


Then I said, WHAT DO I DO? I can’t move it, it will just dump everything!


And I said: go get a new cart.


You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 1 hour before trying again.


No! I need that like right now! Go fix it, go unlike something of @Molly_Mcghee!


LOL because the cat’s like, “Yo, where’s MY tub-o-grub” !!! ???


That’s exactly what he wants!


Robust Red Wines, 3 inch Wedge Heel Boots, Fleece Leggings, kids asking for crazy expensive Youtubing cameras, ah the Holidays are upon us.


Chef Chris’s world famous Jambalaya for lunch.