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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Everything! I’m in a very happy mood today!
:sparkles: :grin::sparkles:


A great morning/afternoon with a girl I’m head over heels for. I should also add that everyday with her is just #stellar and for wutever reason, today just intensified everything :relieved:





That the best! Love that feeling! Feels even better than FRIDAY!! (And I :sparkling_heart: Friday!)


:tada: FRIDAY!!! :tada:


Random strangeness at Giant food…


Absolutely Nothing. I hate everything. :smile:


Except man sushi…


What’s “man sushi?”


I think that would be a naked man named bubba having his way with grubby in his dungeon!


I am so happy to know that my pain salve is making so many people feel better!!! Its a great feeling to give back and help people!!


You don’t want to know.


The, tops of my leg muscles feel like I have had knives shoved into them. It made me smile last night. Today, not so much. :wink:


Right now my 2 year old falling asleep. He is a wild one.


It almost been a month since I’ve bought a pack of cigarettes.


Pics sent to me of my granddaughter and son…
Miss them sooooooo much and can’t wait to see them for Thanksgiving!


What a sweetheart!


Phone conversation left me buried in smiles and grins :grin:


I finished my Thanksgiving shopping (except for the Brussels sprouts and balsamic vinaigrette that I forgot…guess I was distracted…)! Now I can kick back and relax until Thursday (and make my roomate pick up the forgotten items…lol)!


Your holiday pre-planning skills leave me in awe! I got my order from Lightning Vapes and used my recently acquired Avid Artisan Daedalus to spin up my first Clapton wires. I am sure I had a stupid grin the entire time I was wrapping the coils and especially when I took that first hit and it tasted so good. :slight_smile: Now that made me smile today.