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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My son and I thoroughly cleaned our kitchen. My whole body hurts cuz it was bad…so bad… Now to have a bowl of my rhuematism medicine and chill the f out…


Hope you feel better.


Shall i send you some Brussels sprouts ? :sweat_smile:


Sure! I could use some bacon too… not for Thanksgiving, I just really want some bacon…


That can be aranged !! :grinning:
Gonna throw in some fine Belguim beers in there aswell to even add to the Brussels sprouts sauce !

… or you can just drink it like i do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


THAT is exactly why I should never be a parent! Because I would not be able to control my laughter!


Thanks. I’m fine and the kitchen makes me smile now so it’s all good. Now if I can only make it last. Gonna be tough to do with two lazy bachelors.


Thanks for putting that image in my head.


I do what i can, I’m sure he would break you in easy, bubba I mean.


Today I was able to find my daughter a fairly new dryer for free! It needed a new cord and the error codes cleared, but that took all of about 20 min total!


When your cats had a very hard day sleeping and falls asleep eating :rofl:


Finally getting a coil right in Smok BRA. Hits like a dream now.


Is this a new type of atomizer?




Dude, autocorrect gets me every time!


That and lack of sleep.


You can only blame one person for that.


Looks like kitty had too much of that buttered naughty girl…!


What made me smile today was finding out that a fellow ELR brother was in need, and another member brought it to all of our attention. We were able to donate to this members Paypal, and he was very thankful. His responses made me smile today.


No, “WHAT” has been a very naughty boy…