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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I got the member badge today.


Hearing nice comments last weekend due to the 1st new preformance with my new band.
Sounded good ;):guitar::guitar:


Let me lick that off for you


I’m smiling right now because I’m omw to an interview for a nursing desk job! I haven’t worked in awhile due to a spinal cord injury but that’s what I love about nursing!! You can take time off and come back to an awesome job when you’re ready! I’m so ready now!! I’m a little, well alot nervous rite now. Lets get this, yay!!


That’s awesome! Good luck!! :four_leaf_clover:


Knock em dead!!! Best of luck!! :hugs:


It went great••!! This is the perfect fitting job for me!!! No more running at all!! Ahhhh I love it and I sure hope I get it!!
Hows ur new job going?


She probably sticking needles and pins into pepole ! :astonished:


She probably is actually! Poking n prodding too


I’m still loving my new job. And I have actually been sticking needles in people lately! :joy: It’s a great practice to work for and we have some fan-freaking-tastic doctors. A lot of crazy patients, too, but you’ll have that everywhere! Am I right, @Jazzy_girl? I actually just passed the point where I’ve started accruing paid time off, vacation, and sick time. And HOLIDAY pay, just in time for Thanksgiving :blush:


These guys make me smile everyday!


We had a tradition of sorts around Christmas time growing up, Elves delivered a bag of candy and small toys to the door sometime in mid December. I didn’t keep the tradition alive with my kids but a large bag was left on the doorstep for them this evening!


Oh yea I actually have seen way too much crazy in my lifetime! The hospitals in the big cities are way beyond anything I ever knew as crazy before nursing!!
Thats awesome getting some PTO! Especially just in time for the holidays!!


I totally just read this :point_up_2: :rofl::laughing::joy:


That would totally be just as cool as elves.


Only if it was “the early years” Elvis…

Who’d want to see an old fat guy that ended up dying on the toilet drop a load of candy on their front porch?? :nauseated_face: :rofl:


Ha!! My kids were just talking about Elvis dying on the toilet… They think it’s hilarious (we have weird conversations in my house…and yeah my kids have a morbid sense of humor)!
I’d be fine with early Elvis or old fat toilet Elvis dropping off a load of candy… I mean come on… its Elvis!


I guess I’ll happily remain in the “pre-downhill” Elvis (minority) camp then. :laughing:


The front door wide open too so any of us could have seen out the glass door. I’m thinking my mom went full stealth mode and I’d have loved to see it lol but she won’t admit to doing it. So instead of pushing the issue I say “You know Santa’s number can you thank him and the Elves and tell him how happy the kids were?”


Smiled watching a little girl skipping to the bus stop. I miss skipping.