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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My dog, Angus Puppy, is healing so quickly I’m smiling! A lump appeared on her rear paw, seemingly out of nowhere, over the weekend. It made her limp. Took her to the vet on Monday morn and by Tuesday morn she was already so much better! She has a ways to go but we will get there. All is well.


Suffering from terminal man flu very little has made me smile today…
This is my ‘very little’…although to be fair she’s actually a bit of a beast…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I won the :frog:!!! :joy:


Congratz !!



@NChris That pig looks delicious :wink:


I’m very smiley today because I took my new toy, 70W Tesla stealth and Kayfun v5 clone, to work and it’s awesome. I’m loving the V5 clone and its really nice to finally have a mod that fits nicely in my pocket.


A brutal workout session this morning followed by piping hot coffee, my favorite ejuice, and some ukulele music. Freaking great morning put a huge smile on my face!


Just so you know, the pig’s nickname is 50/50. There’s a 50% chance he’ll have a long happy life, and there’s a 50% chance we’ll be having ham for Christmas dinner!


As all the water we have for drinking etc is collected from the roof and stored in tanks makes me smile when we get 130mm of rain overnight.

More on the way too happy days.


130mm? Lol. Us dumb amurican’s have clue how much that is.




So i picked up the vboy on bf sale pretty happy with it so far. I thought i would see if there was a firmware update - the driver was taking quite a long time to install and after a bit some classically funny messages started to show on the progress window. These are not all of them but seriously made me smile (they are 100% true) & there were a few before i decided to start capturing them

I love it when there are humourous comments by programmers.


Gotta love software engineers


My little honey-bear just came to say hi to me on the porch :smiley:.


That’s a Racoon trying to steal your stuff :rofl:


School is out for the semester!!! :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball: :dancer: :grin:


I found a 2 month steeped bottle of Buttered Naughty Girl! I’m never able to steep it this long no matter how much I make! There’s only about 15ml (well, there was 15ml…) so it’s all getting smashed tonight. :tada:


In your handbag, I presume? In the seventh layer? Lol


Aaahaha surprisingly no! It was buried in the back row of a shelf in my vape cave! But I did recently find another well steeped gem in my purse that I quickly vaped the F out of!


where you vaping on bust a nut?