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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Not if you want her to continue liking you… lol


She’ll never stop loving me. I’m her favorite servant…I mean hooman.


@RobQ I had a chuckle when I read your post just now :joy::+1:
Our Kitten has taken a fancy to my daughters Lace Bra? I have no idea why! She keeps dragging it all around the house. I have a very strange cat indeed :point_up:


Well duh: “Milk dispenser” containers. :wink:


Boy I really hope not, my daughters 15 :flushed:


Is it one off those with chicken fillets build in?


Had a little visit today from this fella.

Was a friendly little guy. Was just a little sad when the people from the pound came and found out that although he was chipped, he wasn’t registered correctly. Hope he is doing alright and his owners found him by now.

As a side note this little encounter has rekindled my desire for a dog.


Appears to be a full blooded boxer but I can’t really tell. But what I can say, and I love all dogs, is that the boxer IMHO is the most playful and best dog for kids i have ever found. My granddaughters have rode my dogs like a horse and I never had a worry. And all I have to do is say their names and they are yapping and turning circles from pure joy .


Last week my computer crashed midway through rendering a video. No, that’s not the reason I’m smiling. It was a zero cost fix. The dust bunnies inside the machine had become dust monsters. Cools much nicer now after having been blown out. Renders fine. Que to smile.


The looks on my family’s faces and their “Oooh, AAHHH!!” comments when they tasted the Christmas cookies that I baked with Vanilla Custard SC RF instead of boring old vanilla extract! :star_struck:


Too cool! Gotta tell my wife about this. She is always baking something if not for family for her students. Wait, something just hit me. I better order some more stash first. This could open up Pandora’s box. But wait again. I get to eat those baked goods. Ok, It’s a go. I will tell her.


A packaged arrived that i forgot I had ordered :slight_smile:


That’s hilarious. You know you’re a vaper when…


I have a few flavors that I keep in the kitchen. VC SC RF is my go-to vanilla flavor for baking. I always use the fruit flavors that I’m not fond of for the kids’ snow cones! I think I’m going to try some fw salted caramel in the icing for my ginger cream cookies next!


You should share these alternate uses more. Or maybe everybody else knows about this? I sure don’t. I think that is just da-groove!


I think I posted something about the VC in the “alternate uses” thread…? I know I’ve mentioned it here and there. Lol We have some awesome flavors for our vapes, might as well use them in the kitchen too!

Raspberry (berryl) FA is great in vodka, ftr. :wink:


Amen! I’ll bookmark the “alternate uses” thread. Hint … hint.


salted caramel in chocolate dipped pretzels is awesome. When i used to make choc. i used several flavors. Mainly nutty to enhance the real nuts we were using.


I’m smiling because I realized that it’s not summertime and when I walk for long periods the mixture of moisture from sweat and friction don’t knot my ass hair as I walk. Yeah, it’s nice to be cold and dry.


Dude how Hot does it get up there 80 85 tips!?