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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


If ya crap your pants real good and sit in it for a bit then let it dry overnight, you can rip it off in the morning and get rid of all that hair.


it can get up to 90 here at times, but let us not talk about that…


I’ve tried that, it just flakes off


Website of my company got hacked, maybe not so funny tough but when you see all the funny little monsters in bit form they put on there, you almost have no choice to lauch with it :rofl:
I wonder what the clients had to say about this :sweat_smile:


Target run… this was the best thing I could spell with the letters available. :grin:

Yes. I’m immature and this kind of shit makes me smile. :wink:


30% off ass! I’ll take it!


Hahahaha you would love to hang out with my daughter. She has to stop at any display with letters and rearrange them to spell out words like “poop, butt, dork etc…” No idea where she she learned that from. Maybe from the same guy that goes down the toy aisle and pushes every button as quick as possible so all the toys are making noise at the same time. I plead innocence. Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:


OK since we are sharing shopping mischief, while in the kitchen department, if you see the mechanical kitchen timers that are unwrapped, set them all for 10 minutes. This also works in the small appliance aisle with toaster ovens. Its great watching people as they all go off at the same time. Needless to say the ex hated shopping with me.


When I was younger I used to hit the e-stop on escalators? Want to see a bunch of angry people do that around this time of year!


@Silhouette Thank God, now I can …


@Brunkezz Sorry to hear that. What happens in the server room stays in the server room ??


Secret Santa at the office today…someone knows me very well :hugs::star_struck::grinning:


Very cool!!


For sure! :grin:


Damn, Secret Santa at my place is like a bag of microwave popcorn or something. Nice!


We don’t not even have one!


Wow, nailed THAT one !!!


@Cutlass92 @VapeyMama


I’m the assman!


My little girl getting major chufties about being in her big sisters bed for the first time…made me smile so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: