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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


This made me smile tonight.
It is my husbands birthday and he wanted me to help him with his B’day dinner. We had fun cooking it, but those shallots will make anyone cry. Lol.


I knew SMOK was possesed


My alien is still going after a year and the majesty is doing well. The only complaint is that the majesty has no amps reading which I loved about the alien. I used my alien as an all day vape for a year with 0 problems. For me, Smok has been awesome.

My husband went back to his alien even when I bought him this awesome looking Smoant battlestar, which I think hits harder and better.

I only built up the courage to try the BS for myself tonight, due to him being buzzed. He has only been using the alien, our first alien, anyway. Apparently, the BS looks like a penis?

But I am really liking the battlestar better than the newer Majesty that I got for looks and feel. The battlestar doesn’t feel better in my hand, but I think it looks very cool.
The Smok majesty really feels good and fires well in my hand because of the fire bar and the satiny smooth feel of the resin.

I think the Smok has an ease of firing and use that is hard to get over and firing the button on other mods is just not as friendly after firing on a Smok alien for a year.


That Battlestar looks sweet though. Especially with my mini buddha on it. I don’t think it looks like a penis at all. But I have some long fingers.


Awww look at the cute pussy sleeping.
The kitty is pretty adorable, too!


His beard is almost as grey as mine… what have ya been doing to that poor guy?


Shhhh, Tut!!! I have him convinced that it’s blond, not gray!!!


It’s blond not gray!


Wait a minute!!! Have you been lying to me about my beard color!?


No way! I’d never do that!


This is my favorite look from TW.

The tongue hanging out of his mouth is priceless!


That is what my husband keeps saying about his grays. But I just tell him like it is, he hardly has any gray. Lol!


Then your as blind as I am also… lol


I have zoomed in on that photo and know for a fact that it’s definitely blonde! Thank you very much.



You literally made me laugh out loud!


I must be blind!


I busted out with that cartoon animation that followed the “bicycle D” those two things just went so well together.


We really are a great group of sick puppies! I love it!


Vaping buttered naughty girl is making me smile right now!! :joy: I ran out of the rest of my steeped stash (including my purse stash) a couple weeks ago and while this batch isn’t technically ready yet, its scratching the itch.