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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I though it looked blond .

No really I did !


Very funny! I don’t know if I believe you!


I think the finger tats pic is most definitely on my list of “the most awesome” things I’ve seen, of all time!!!

Nice find @Lexie3! :rofl:


Who needs Netflix when you have The Cultass and Molly Show? LMAO


I am so hurt :cry::disappointed_relieved:


Oh hey! Sorry for the delayed reply.
I was just watching “Comedians in cars getting coffee”. :laughing: :wink:


In today’s paper…





It’s not a touching, tender moment like the smile of a small child, or a playful puppy romp, but it reached the 40’s today with rain. Definitely smiled for that. Any time I can trade snow for rain in the winter is a smile-worthy event.


Right now it says Yayy, I WIN! But the 66.6 watts was a damn good vape and now my battery life is not so good but the vape comes quicker.

I battle myself with numbers. I will set things to uncomfortable and comfortable numbers and leave it there to tell myself it is just a number. It is OCD, The crazy kind, not the neat kind. There was a time in my twenties for more than a year, I could not have my volume control or any other controllable digital display on an even number. I packed my cigarettes an odd number of times and if I forgot how many times, I would be very uncomfortable and do it again and my smokes would be very tight.


Hey, I only set my watts to even numbers. I know that’s odd (pun intended) but I will not vape a non-even number.


You’re going to hell… :joy:


Right now I’m in TC… 440F, 26w, .26ohms. Two cell mod, dual coils…


Right now I’m at .19ohms, 131.7 watts… I’m so very much not ocd…


Ack! Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!


Look at my ohms. My photo wouldn’t load for me the first time. I think I am almost out of wifi range and no cell signal in my area.
When I made and set the coils I have in that RDA and took a pic for my vape app. My mod was on 666 puffs, it wasn’t too far off from the recommended wattage per the coil calculator app so I rolled with it.


If it is a good vape, it is a good vape. My watts on my alien would accidentally get changed when I would lock and unlock it. I did not care as much after a while.


Those are some numbers that are very comfortable for me. I dont know about how hot the vape is but the numbers look good. Lol But add them all up and they will always come even. Haha. So odd with more than one digit is still even somehow. @TW12



A girl at the smoking table at work saw my numbers and freaked right out. She told me there was something wrong with my mod and I needed to change it right now! :neutral_face: