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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Just opened my email . And my daily vape mail made me laugh

@LiquidBarn, thx I needed a good laugh today


Hey Rob, how are things with yourself brother? Hope all is well my friend.
Same to @BoyHowdy , hope all is well with yourself too buddy. Thank you both for remembering me.
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while , alot of life events have been keeping me busy of late but i have been poping by every now and again, just having a read and watching from the side lines.
It’s great to see just how many new faces have joined this amazing site and continue to do so. Best site on the planet. :hugs:
Much love, Pattie. :blush:


Seeing my daughter smile today was enough to make me happy. taking a step back from my cave and getting out was a good thing. tweeking a chocolate cake vape did it for me as well. Shit i have much to be grateful for today… and the list is never short…:joy::joy:


This just made me smile, actually more of a LOL (sorry BB :laughing:) :grin:


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NOBODY PANIC! Woftam broke the thread :rofl:


Ok, this is weird, but this thread showed up as a private message in my inbox. Having read it I have to agree with the majority here, with a caveat. I’m not raising your child and don’t pretend to know all of the circumstances. I did spend an inordinate amount of time when my three were young explaining “oh no, this is not to play with”, and subsequently moving said thing to higher ground. If I remember correctly I would also offer some alternative “safe” toy. Sometimes it worked, sometime the alternative got pitched across the room. Children will do the damdest things. My middle daughter got into a turntable and ate the aluminum foil shield. She was tugging on my pant leg and I noticed she couldn’t breath. I scooped her up and did an inverted Heimlich maneuver and up it all came. Scared the bajesus out of me. That one was a particular problem. literately everything went in the mouth.


Sorry guys my bad - one wrong button and it all went to custard

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Hey, keeper of petals. What happened to your glasses on a stick? :slight_smile:


They fell off :rofl:. Thought it was about time I showed the world my real face :grin::rofl:


Thumpety thump thump.


I thought that was the real you.


Right? Here I thought she was a blonde person


It WAS the real me…in disguise :grin:

And @JMak642…cheeky :laughing:.





Think that recipe would make me smile


Same same @SmilingOgre


@woftam I don’t know what you did but every time someone post’s on this thread I get a notice