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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


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Rebuilding my rda for a wip and discovering that I like it!


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A recipe I formulated and published on ELR got a 5 star rating :slight_smile:
note ts: go rate all those recipes I have adapted and make others smile.


I applied for my Social Security to start wow I am actually going to retire (again)
in 84 days from my job with the DOD! That… made me smile


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Getting back on track…
THIS is what makes me smile every day!!

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ahhh… 777… maybe I’ll win the Super Bowl pot at work. Nah… I ain’t that lucky :joy:



My daughter Isabella makes me smile everyday!!


When I was a truck driver and my wife would come with me it was always a great time. Well, there was that one winter we were in Washington state and the snowflakes were the size of a baseball glove. I’m getting out of the truck to put the chains on…again…and she looks across the cab and says “i want to go home!” My reply was “yeah, but then you’d miss all this fun.”

It was a long week.


The fact it takes two hands to grind his gears?
/shame on me… No you… No… Wait. Is that safe?

/OnT… That is a very sweet pic, and it makes me smile!


@Maureeenie’s back! That’s made me smile :smiley: :smiley:


Hi Lolly! I’m spending the winter in Florida in our RV. I’ve had some pretty crappy wifi down here and have not had much of a chance to be online very much.


How has your winter been? How are you doing? So lovely to see you!


Yay. Your here!!


awww…she’s a Little Cindy-Lou Who.


Going pretty well now, but I’ve had my moments (thanks for asking)

Tell you my story:

The end of October I got a Bee in my ear telling me I had to get out of Michigan before the snow hit. I had a really bad feeling it was going to be a very yucky winter. So I made reservations in Coastal Alabama at a pretty cheap campground on Mobile Bay and I took off. It was quite a trip.

The truck broke down, and the camper needed two big repairs on the road. First the camper snapped off a gas burner on the stove driving through construction in Birmingham and then the black water tank valve would not open. The truck had three sensors go out and the idiot kid at the Ford Dealer broke the catalytic converter pulling the sensors. I was stuck in Brewton Alabama for 5 days with the truck so it took me 9 days to get to the campground. (Should have taken 3) The Black water tank think was a pretty poopy deal but the RV tech was very helpful. (Gotta love that underground economy in Alabama)

Being a woman alone the nice repair people tried to rip me off on the repairs but I pulled my bad mean Maureenie gag on them and they didn’t end up costing that much. (Warranty saved my butt on the Converter)

A week ago, I got what is known as the “Black mountain of death” in the Black Water tank. To make a long story short, it requires an auger and you have to break the paper. I called a plumber, he broke the toilet. So I had to to auger and replace the toilet he broke. That was a SUPER POOPY deal right there sister, let me tell you.

It’s been a little cool down here but but its been as low as 7 degrees in Michigan and tons of snow up there. My husband has visited me 3 times. He helped me get the camper over to Florida from Alabama. I’ve had days of being a bit of a nervous wreck and … the dog went into her first heat the 2nd week I was in Alabama. That was just great, had to buy cheap Walmart rugs and cover the inside of the camper for a month but… she’s fine now.

I got some great pictures of Pelicans, Alligators and lots of Palm trees. Florida and Alabama are very vape friendly and in fact… next week I’m gonna drive an hour and a half to Wizard Labs! I’ve ordered so much stuff from them I just have to go visit them even though it’s kind of long haul over there.

I’m going home in 3 weeks and I am now an RV Eagle Scout.

My list of Merit Badges I earned are as follows:

Interstate RV Super Trucker (I only drove 55 MPH, but I was filling up my gas only at the truck stops. I got swore at by many truckers who I slowed down fueling up their big rigs)

RV Technician Merit Badge

The Shit Cracker Merit Badge

Didn’t Give the Dog to a Passing Stranger While in Heat Merit Badge

So yeah that’s my story lol

I will take credit for winning a few Eagle Scout merit badges.


Hey Buddy!!!