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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Smiling too - @Maureeenie’s presense is a treat today.


I would of never noticed that!.. New nickname!!! Little Bella Lou Who :revolving_hearts:


Wow! You’re my new hero. I would have just said “F-it” and got drunk.


I have a little better pharmaceutical remedies in the camper which I swallowed freely don’t kid yourself. When I finally made it it took me a week to stop shaking.


OMG I missed you guys… I had 6 full days with no internet at all. Super slow… today pretty good! Yay!


You go girl! Such a brave thing to do - and you’ve done it! :tada::tada::tada:

Can’t wait to see some of these pics!


These are mostly in Florida, the Manatees are here in force. They come in from the gulf when the water is cold :slight_smile: I got lucky!



I’ll be in Orlando next week. Hoping for that glorious Florida weather.


These are in Alabama. I paid for a Sloth encounter. (My spirit animal)Alabama%20Coast%20Christmas%20Palms|690x459


I’m gonna pray for your trip.

Today it’s like this… EEEEK!


Glad to know you’re ok, and hopefully enjoying the change in scenery!! :hugs:


REally nice to see you here again @Maureeenie !
Thank you for sharing those awesome photos too.


I really needed this and my husband was very supportive. He’s a UPS driver and before Christmas I’m essentially a widow. That’s the reality of those jobs. For 13 years I’ve fed him his dinner walking in the door at 9:00 PM around Christmas for 2-3 Months out of the year. The thought of staring out the window at the snow and driving around in it this year was really bothering me… I just had to get out of there before the snow started flying. I barely made it out too… (Sleet was following me down the freeway)

It was a white knuckle ride getting here, I won’t lie. It’s a lot of responsibility pulling a camper on the Interstate. The trucks are whizzing past you, your trailer gets caught in their back draft so your rig kinda just feels like it’s getting away from you. It was lots more adventure than I signed up for but I did not get into an accident or get hurt. I am very grateful for my travel angels.

I talked to 3 snow birds who either had a bad accident or lost engines in their trucks. One guy I talked to at the campground in Alabama actually sold his truck, bought a car, decided to start storing his RV in Alabama and swore he and his wife would never take the trip again, (Mississippi guy) The couple behind me lost pistons in their engine, 2,000 repair. A guy from Canada flattened the front end of his truck hitting a semi that stopped too fast in Nashville. It was a big diesel truck so they didn’t total it…so that guy is stuck pulling his 5th wheel back to Canada with a bent frame.

It’s a lot easier when I can throw the keys at my husband and pet the dog for sure!


What made me smile today? All of YOU Guys! I missed you all!


I am so GEEKED!!! Finally got the courage to fire up the oscilloscope. Went through the procedure of calibrating a probe. Adjusted the time scale and the amplitude scale and hooked up an atty. OMG!!! It’s all there in plain sight! Fire time, rise time, noise on the DC signal. I have absolutely no idea how to get it to work with the software yet so I can’t post a graph but it’s all there! Really nice smooth screen drawing too. This is a whole new world coming from analog scopes. Another 160 pages of the user’s manual and I should be all set, lol.


replaced my brakes that were screeching, to find out that the back of my rotor and brakes were almost bare metal. Reseated the brake pistons, cleaned everything, lubed it up and replaced rotor and brakes pads.
… firing it up and not hearing that screeching… this was me, except holding the steering wheel. oh%20my%20god


This explains it!


What has made me smile today?
The Patriots lost the Superbowl!:rofl:
What do I hate today?
The Eagles won the Superbowl!:scream:
Congrats Eagles fans , proud to be a fan for one night!:tada: :eagle::trophy: :fireworks::sparkler::tada:


3rd Year Anniversary on ELR !!! Yay :tada: :yellow_heart: :clown_face::muscle::hibiscus::boom::heavy_heart_exclamation:


what mod and RDA is that exactly…pls
love the setup looks awesome