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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My guess is the mod is a dotmod squonker…not sure on the RDA.

ETA: Just checked @Jondamon’s insta - trinity glass tanks


I wish I had such culinary skills of that degree… some day



Mmm, delicious Vegetable Fat Coating. My mouth is watering for solidified Veggie Fat. :wink:


@Silhouette WTF !!! ???


Well they could have put it in a nicer way but it is just chocolate probably mixed with vegetable shortening
(copha) :grinning:


I took that in Lidl :grinning:


I know, but I didn’t want honesty, I wanted sexy words, like Decadent Caramel Choco Cookie Bar or something similar.


I walked around the office grinning like I knew something (I didn’t). Everyone kept asking what was going on and I would just say “you’ll find out”. LOL I love messing with people.


And now you have survived over two…:sunglasses:


So I guess I’m the only one who noticed you’re balancing Caramel Cookie Bars on your toes. Bravo!!! That made me smile :slight_smile:


Sure it’s chocolate?


@Silhouette I just can’t not post this …



Star man in a car in space. Actually it was the boosters landing. I thought it was fantastic.


I have been officially been turned off of chocolate (or vegetable fat laden chocolate wannabe products) for a good while now. My metabolism thanks you. :wink:


Spent the day with my granddaughter at the park,shopping,eating lunch.


That looks delicious. Think I’m gonna have it for breakfast.


The only thing to make me smile today was when I pulled into my driveway after a visit to Atlanta. OMG, the motorists there are all on heavy doses of Oxycontin. I may have even seen one driver who was under anesthesia. There’s just no way an even partially-awake person could drive that badly! And the rain!!! Holy hell, it was terrible. Torrential downpour all the way from Atlanta to about 20 miles from my house…so 185ish miles of it.

But I’m home now and still can’t wipe the grin off my face. :slight_smile:



You sure that ain’t hubby in the right lane, putzing along on I-20? :laughing:

Just kidding. But really, look at that. The iPhone’s camera could see WAY better than my eyeballs. It was really quite horrible out there today.


That is the great thing about living where I do.My drive home at 3 a.m. is very peaceful even during rain , with the exception of two times it washed out the bridge and I had to take a two hour detour.
Only me and the deer on the road and we have an understanding. They stay out of my way and I stay out of there’s!
I love BFE!


Hahah… Nope, not us. We’re actually in Kentucky, headed to Marion, IL. :slight_smile:
Looks like it’s really comin’ down there!