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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Still beats 7 inches of snow.


Glad you made it safely, went thru Atlanta again in June 2017. And I swear its the worst driving experience every time. Rain,snow,sleet or Sun. I go thru Atlanta on my way up to Tennessee 2 times a yr. Every time I’m white knuckling the dang steering wheel, I always take a zanex when I’m getting close to there. And usually have to take another once outta of Atlanta. I cringe when I see the Atlanta sign lmao.


I have to do it in two weeks, I’m purposefully going through there late at night. I just hear way too much bad stuff about the traffic.


Seems the best time is late,late at night to 2-3 am during the week. I’m willing to drive outta Florida avoid Atlanta at all costs and take the extra few hrs. To go thru Alabama into Tennessee


That’s how I came down here but its 300 miles out of my way and an extra day on the Interstate.


Had to drive through ATL during rush hour while the freeway was still shut down last year. That crap ain’t fun even when all highways are open. Ugliness. I did smile at how many people hated me for driving the speed limit in a big old conversion van. No respect!!!



The neighbors just came over banging on the door of my camper asking me if I was ok. It seems one of the happy campers a couple of rows over thought my camper was on fire because I was chucking clouds and it looked like smoke was billowing out of the window. Ba ha ha ha … oh that was a good one.


Being back on a four day work week and it’s Friday! Someone give me a old Milwaukee!


Did you mean Coors? (See what I did there?)

So today I put some Skittles in the squonk bottle that still had a little Caramel Custard in it…They melded into a neat little synthesis of bright sweetness with heavy custardy base… I think I see my next flavor chase materializing… May be one of those ‘you put peanut butter in my chocolate’ moments.


What I always loved was when some inconsiderate ass blew by me in the parking lot while I was putting chains on the duel chains and I got a shlush bath so much fun.


He really meant Single Malt Scotch


I love it, got a smile, my new mod was shipped today


Loved my iPV8 for more than a year daily until I got the GBOX and squonked. Great mod!


Good to hear, I love my IPV400 daily for half a year so far, the Smok GX 2/4 Took the big nap two weeks ago, Had fewer hours on it than the IPV. That’s the third and last Smok I’ve had or ever will have. No more of them for me.


Still use my ipv8 daily - they are a great mod. Wish I had the blue one not the red :grinning:


A huge thanks and props to EightVape. My first order and am so very happy to do dusiness with them



I wanted the red crackle, but gave up on it before I decided for sure what and where to buy from. VapeEight has them, not sure about their international shipping though.


@GPC2012 Now that I see your pics, I’m really starting to like the crackle finish.


Went for the less crackly finish.