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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I don’t that one stays on the desk


Well people have been in accidents that have resulted in their death and they were revived seconds later.

Also, my wife just woke up so now I am smiling.
Also, I just remembered my birthday is in a week, yay!


I am smiling being reminded of my dog Lilly’s first swimming lesson last summer.


Ahhhhh Lilly :heart_eyes:


I am even struggling to get my smoant Charon in my pocket.
A mech is no go inside my pockets so i go with the Istick Pico for now :+1:


What date? if you don’t mind me asking, mine is the 16th. We should celebrate together


I have a huge favor to ask all of my ELR friends, heck even my non friends or anyone who will.

Wifey sees a Neurosurgeon this afternoon. The best possible outcome is he says he can fix her with no surgery, come on guys we’re at a neurosurgeon not much chance of that happening. At this point we’d both be happy if he gives her a good prognosis from a single surgery, and we’d be OK with it if it is going to take two surgeries. As long as poor Wifey can get some relief from her constant pain. The poor lady is on 60 mg oxycodone a day and wears a 75 mcg fentanyl patch that gets replaced every three days. With all of that she is still in pain sometimes spiking up to 8 or 9 on that good old pain scale they give you. She has told me that it hurts worse than when her appendix burst.
anyway all I’m asking is for anyone who reads this to have a good thought, prayer or whatever suits you to give Wifey the best possible outcome for this visit and the outcomes. I’d do just about anything to give her some painless days and nights. I know it’s out of my hands and nothing I can do or say can help her overcome the problems with her back and neck. So in closing


Giant hearts of love and healing to both of you. There comes a point where the body just doesn’t let the drug that helped in the beginning to work anymore like it used to… God, I’m so sorry you are going through this.


Thanks Reenie, but this is something that we knew before we ever married. Wifey has dealt with this and some other issues most of her life. Her abusive ex husband made all of them worse through physical abuse and mental torture (in my opinion on the torture) I just felt that it was far beyond abuse. I never threatened or did anything but my inherited daughters informed him was very protective.


You know for the amount of money Dr.'s charge you you’d think they could at least do what they promise to. The Spine and pain center doctor forgot to get the CD of wife’s MRI over to the neurosurgeon, then put it in the mail this morning knowing full well that her appointment was today. Needless to say we are going back, but he did tell us from reading the report he thinks things can be repaired and managed for the future. I picked up a copy of the cd myself today and we are taking it with us Wednesday to the next appointment So a bit of encouragement. That and the hospital he operates at is very nice and everyone we talked to seemed so sweet and friendly.


Well visit number 2, and our Dr is very encouraging although didn’t like the images in the MRI that was taken, he is arranging another one in a brand new open high res machine. After his exam he is going to concentrate on the lower back. He feels he can improve wife’s quality of life by at least 75% in regards to her pain anyway, she still has to put up with me.


Wow, 75% improvement would be amazing! Putting up with you though… that’s a tough one. :wink:
I’ll keep both of you in my prayers!


Thanks, you’re sweet and I appreciate all your friendship and the open ear. It sure helps to vent among friends that will listen and care. Bless you and yours.

On a side note I can’t wait to see this new improved version of wifey. lol


I agree, a 75% improvement is HUGE. Please continue to vent. We will also keep you both in our prayers.


That sounds awesome! As for putting up with you, she’s done it for awhile and she’s still around so you got that goin’ for ya. Besides, you ain’t so bad - much love to you and yours.


Thanks Lost and session, it’s amazing the shit they can do now. Wifeys first MRI was in one of these
with pics like thisthen
this is what the one they will be using for the next MRI

that takes pics like this

quite a bit clearer and easier to see.


I smiled thinking back to my earlier days here, then it faded a bit when I realized how much it’s changed in the last month. Where’d the action go? I mean, I know I don’t have the warmest personality or an award-winning smile, but am I really that bad? I’ve showered every day I’ve been a member here, and before that too even.


Technology research for the greater good ! I am all in for that :+1:
I do not pray but you will be in our toughts :wink:


That’s amazing brother!

I just had an MRI (in a 4T machine) a week ago Friday due to ongoing knee problems from the accident last Nov. While I haven’t seen the actual image yet, I did get a call saying that A. I am going to need yet another surgery, B. That some damage is permanent (which I’m still digesting). So…
I can relate.

Still sending prayers and support for the best possible outcome for her bud.


The human body is pretty complex thing… until you see something like that you gotta wonder why more of our parts don’t break down.