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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I need to send this old body in for some major warranty work but the manufacture doesn’t return my calls.


Rainbows and Sunshine… :smile:


Not even one cigarette. Thank you to everyone in the forum for doing what you do. A place like this helps so many people seriously get into mixing/vaping and saves lives. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Still smiling from very early this morning. And late last night for that matter. Had one of those shows where the crowd was in just the right mood to stay all night and party. Had the dance floor filled and the bartenders and waitresses dancing as well as they worked. Really makes a difference. Nailed a lot of solid grooves. Now this old man is sore today however. I forget I’m not twenty anymore.


A Micky Flanagan video on YouTube.
And having completed some tasks that were outstanding.


@CarolinaVapen that’s awesome!! Congratulations on your first year smoke free!!

Well done, many more to come. :tada:


That is some great work, be proud of yourself :smiley:



I decided yesterday to read through the whole of this thread in one go (well. with breaks for meals etc ) . It raised so many smiles that I clean ran out of likes before I got though a fraction of it. Almost decided to put it on ice until my likes refreshed, but then couldn’t resist continuing. And continuing. I’ve has a sleep break now , but feeling fatigued , so heck, I’ll just have to keep the last bit on ice before it becomes an endurance test instead! That would be bloody silly wouldn’t it.

Anyway, thanks, guys for all those heartwarming stories and beautiful pics!

By the way, did you notice this at the top?

There are 1867 replies with an estimated read time of 116 minutes.

How the heck does that silly sofware estimate the read time, hmm? This thread musta taken me about 10 hours thus far! (no, not counting breaks ). Am I excruciatingly slow, as humans go? or does it fail to take account of our human limitations? I dunno shrug


Running into my ex-wife for the first time in 18 years and being able to carry on a civil conversation. :rofl:


Whoa, kudos! :laughing: :ok_hand:


Still can’t believe she is working in the same strip club and I went back!:metal:


Omg that’s fuckin hilarious :joy:


Epic post! Still LMFAO


Good Lord, she must have been a looker - still is apparently. That’s a hell of a story if you aren’t totally messing with us.


I suspect there’s a little of that in play, but a great post nonetheless.


I know! It’s the best story ever!


Wow! That’s a pretty solidly ringing endorsement! There’s a lot of stories in the world, so that’s quite saying something!!! :sunglasses:


That :point_up_2: :rofl:


Nah, I’m sure he’s not messing with us. @BoyHowdy I’m guessing you got married and divorced when she was still 18, making her a super hot 36 year old stripper, right? Or maybe she’s the janitor there… :thinking:


Seriously though, not gonna lie there are some damn fine 36 year old strippers out there. Just sayin… :joy: