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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I hope he didn’t really marry one. They cost a lot less as rentals, stuffing bills in their britches, than it does to actually take possession.


That’s printed on my business cards.


Oh no , she never was a stripper but she could make a hell of a mixed drink!

Totally messing with y’all , sounded like the correct response after a couple of cocktails before bed.Thanks for playing though!

I did run into her for the first time in 18 years but she is now a bank teller. Of course the bank was empty in all lines and I did indeed walk to her window, didn’t even look up at the teller to notice. That is a perfect example of the way my luck has been lately.I did recognize the voice instantly. Luckily I had on my Costa’s to hide my “deer in the headlight’s” look! :sweat_smile:
She was quick with a verbal jab…asking if I was there to borrow money for a fishing boat.One of our last arguments was me buying a new Stratos 201 pro bass boat back in 1999.
I simply smiled and handed her my check for a loan payment and we talked for a few minutes . It was nice to be able to talk , nothing more.
Sorry for leaving ya’ll hanging but had to get some sleep and she don’t vape so I ain’t skeered!:rofl:


I can see why you went the stripper route.


Exactly , much more interesting was it not!:rofl:


Yes it was. Almost had me posting about my wife’s soliciting arrests.


Well son of a bitch, I can’t believe I found a song for you and everything and it was ALL A LIE!!! :astonished:
Hold on…I have a new song for you…


This is Eduardo, he comes on the porch to eat the 2 pieces of dry cat food I put on the railing for him. Left some out for the raccoons a long time ago, and realized slugs apparently love dried cat food. Go figure. :blush:


Don’t put salt on it though!


Why not? I think @SmilingOgre likes salt on his…


A salty Eduardo is a liquified Eduardo! Which also explains why Ogre likes them that way.


Gotta love some liquefied slugs…


Yum!!! Great pizza toppings! Along with anchovies. And frog’s legs. Sprinkled with pot.


Which is also on my business cards.


You my dear are cooking me dinner tonight! :clinking_glasses: :joy:


Oh baby!!! On da way!!! One each Ogre special!!!:clinking_glasses:


Yeeeesss!! :pizza::wine_glass:

…Ogres don’t care of my house is messy AF right?


The messier the better! Just like down home in the swamp!!!


Good. Cuz I’m not cleaning. :laughing:


Oh baby, you know what I like!!!