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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


If it’s a big ol’ hot mess that you like then yeah I do! I’m all over that. :ok_hand:


I love slugs! Awesome shot! :smile:


Less to clean up afterwards. Just blends in!!!


I second @Grubby. Nice shootin Tex!!!


Awesome! I love it. I have kept some Veronicella slugs, the only kind I really found in S.FL. Like this Leidyula floridana I caught “winking”. https://bugadrienne.deviantart.com/art/Leidyula-floridana-455780913

They are very fond of cat food! They will eat some fruit and veggies too. :wink:

Your slimey slug makes mine look dry. Lol


That’s an awesome picture! I’ve been using dry cat food now for a few years, I know they like it and have almost been scared to leave anything else out in case it hurts them.


Ciao Edwardo!


Working from home today due to weather and being able to vape whenever I want.


Just don’t give them salty foods which can dry them out. or beer (which they love but will kill them), they can drink themselves to death.
You can offer banana and leafy greens if you like. Fish food is a favorite among many small creatures, if you have that on hand. But if the slug is hapy with cat food, then it is surely good enough! Things that grow naturally in your area shouldn’t pose a threat. If it is harmful, then they will aviod it naturally. Other than beer or alcohol, any natural treats should be fine.

If you want to get closer, a bit of banana smeared on your finger can get them licking. They have a radula, (mouth part), that you can feel scraping against your skin. It feels so strange, but cool IMO.

Many people report beer traps that will draw and kill gastropoda. They use it because they believe the gastropoda to be a pest. Some of the invasive gastropoda in South Florida have been known to eat the stucco off of homes (minimal IMHO), but some do eat at people’s ornamentals, veggie gardens and farms.

I believe that all the creatures play their part in the ecosystem. the small things clean up after us and other natural occurances. Just imagine the dead creatures without flies, beetles, ants, and other tiny things like bacteria to break them down. It would be a cesspool in no time without all of our “friends”…


Never thought to have an outdoor pet slug. Pretty low maintenance pet, not a bad idea but petting it? I… don’t know.


Hmm, maybe we need to unleash the ‘friends’ on Washington to see if we can get that cesspool cleaned too. Many years overdue.


Congrats, that is a most awesome landmark. Be proud of yourself you have done an amazing thing.
I kept telling myself that I couldn’t really say I had quit smoking until I had been cig free for a year, now I have trouble thinking that I ever smoked. Not to take the wind out of your sails but 02/25/2018 (just three short days from now) it will be 4 yup count em 1, 2, 3, 4!!! years since I had a cigarette and next month on the 15 will be 4 years for my loving wifey.


The only strip club for the blind in existence, (no insult intended) they just recently changed it to that since they have all the same old strippers. lmao.


Ubuntu… :smile:




The operating system or the philosophy? :thinking: (Yeah, I had to google that…)


I felt bad after I posted about my ex working in a gentleman’s club, I would also like to apologize to any that I insulated. Nothing wrong with being a dancer , it has to be a pretty tough racquet. I helped support a few in my lifetime.
@GPC2012 back to the topic at hand , you sir have made me smile today!
You have made me think of a good friend that I lost two years ago.
True story , I had a good friend that would come down and camp for a couple of weeks every year. He was retired and always travelled with Bo his black lab. One evening he decided to go into town to the local gentlemen’s club. He loved his Hamm’s beer and on this particular evening he loved them a little to much to be behind the wheel. He arrived safely to the club but insisted that Bo be allowed to go into the club. The door man said absolutely no animals allowed but my friend insisted saying it was his seeing eye dog…
His later claimed that Dover , Tennessee has the best jail in the U.S. and they treated Bo well by feeding him bolgna sandwich , Bo’s personal favorite!:rofl:
R.I.P. Jim , you were one of a kind!


Glad to have made you smile. On a bet a friend of mine pulled up in a huge Kmart parking lot (with his handicap license plate) got out of the car flipped open a white cane and proceeded to tap his way into the store. There were 4 or 5 of his friends around and the only thing that was said or heard by anyone was one old lady saying to her husband and I can quote this as I heard it “Well I’ll be a son of a bitch, that blind man even knows where the handicapped spaces are” He went through the store got a couple things beer included and none of us were 19 (Idaho beer drinking age at the time) Was not questioned or carded or anything. Went back to his car opened the door folded up the cane and drove away. We laughed about that so hard all day long I’ll bet we lost at least a quart of beer spitting it out laughing when somebody would bring it up


Anyone who looks good enough to dance in a strip club has nothing to be ashamed of… I’m sorry… I think they get a lot of bad press because people are jealous of them. It also takes a lot of guts to strip. It’s honestly total bullshit the double standard. A lot of the men who go to strip clubs are the most judgmental.

So let me get this right, Mr. Smith… strippers are whores? And …you are hanging in a strip club every two weeks? O.K. Mr. Smith, I understand you’re logic perfectly. You’re an asshole.


LOL I ran into an old girlfriend that was a bank teller
But I do have an old friend who’s wife is still a stripper :grinning: