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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Not all are. Some just trying to make a living.


I’m totes jealous of his mad skillz…


My amazing mixing skills :smile:


I couldn’t agree more! They have to be a model ,dancer, and more importantly a good actor if they are to be successful.
They are entertainers , really good entertainers but nothing more.


Not at all sure what to make of this, but it did give me a slight chuckle. Apparently, they want to put a warning on games containing loot boxes. I know my kid will yell at the screen if he gets a crap gun from a loot box, then again…so do I.


Thank goodness , more Gooberment oversight , YAY!!! I am with you …warnings fine, ok whatever … just don’t mess with the games.
Hard to believe the biggest threat we have is from loot boxes.


Watching the U.S. Olympic men’s team take the gold in curling. Now if I only knew why the game appeals to me.


Or who thought that sliding polished rocks across ice would be a good thing to try lol


I know right! I guess they didn’t have a Nintendo Switch,Playstation or Xbox.
I bet some heavy drinking was involved , hold my beer and watch this!:rofl:


After having a particularly tough week due to putting my 17yr old dog to sleep, I was understandably broken…she was my best friend and I can’t say in words how much I will miss her…
I have had her cremated and her ashes have been buried under the cherry tree in the back garden…so what made me smile you might ask?..getting this through the post today…

Thank you so much @Lolly, you are so awsome…
and @TheTinMan…you’re a fucking nob :joy:


Sorry for your loss Pugs , I don’t have the words… It is Great to have Friends like @Lolly and @TheTinMan !


Thanks man :wink: really appreciate that :+1:


Big :hugs: to you dear. Hard to lose a loved one. Very…


@Steampugs Very sorry to hear of your loss.


thanks Momma :kissing_smiling_eyes:
hardest decision Ive ever made. :pensive::broken_heart:


thanks man 🖒


I was watching that and came to realize why that Russian Curling Bronze medal winner had taken (banned) performance enhancement drugs. How else could he have possibly stayed awake? :smile:


I seen the headlines , still can’t understand what exactly a banned substance would help with in curling .I see the skips yelling hard and they be sweeping their ass off but still not sure any drugs are going to help.
Here is our local sports reporter giving curling a try.


Congrats on your one year anniversary! I’m also one year cig free and could not be prouder. My motto is now cigarettes suck…the life out of you. Cheers and keep up the good work.


Awesome grats I went over 2 years last month great feeling!