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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Sorry about your loss I lost one of my dogs a year ago yesterday and one in December (his brother)


I finally got to mix this one up and I have to say … WoW! Love this vape. It’s such a smooth, creamy Grapefruit flavor. I didn’t really have high hopes at all, but I am pleasantly surprised how much I like !!
Thank you for sharing this one, @SthrnMixer . :slight_smile:


Love that mix soooo good


Awwww shucks! Thanks @Alisa I think not having high hopes is the general consensus with that mix…till people try it :slight_smile: Thank you as well @woftam! I’m glad you all are enjoying it.


The ‘caps’ were the greatest part…


What does that mean? (the flavor/label)
@SthrnMixer @Alisa


Hi Ozo. It could mean Grapefruit. But you’re free to let your mind wander :slight_smile:

If you want to try this recipe you can get the Flavor Pack from Bull City.


I finished my taxes! I was NOT smiling while doing them. In fact, I kinda wanted to be drinking while doing them. But they’re done now! Phew! :grinning::tada::tada::tada:


Seems appropriate to me?


Yeah no kidding. Lol

Ok I’m not gonna lie… I totally had a shot of bourbon while I was waiting fooorrreeeeveerrrr for one of the last pages to finish loading. The husband was home for lunch and lol’d at me…


Imagine if the government did your taxes… Mindblow huh… It’s a real thing, i promise. :blush:


Ha! they’d keep all my money that they stole all year!


How is tax fraud prevented in the US? Does your tax papers get checked when you send them in, or is it only ever checked up on if you’re suspected of fraud? Seems like it’s really easy for people to fraud in taxes when it’s they’re own responsibility?


Random (or not so random?) audits are done, I’m sure the suspicious ones get audited first. But yeah, tons of fraud going on for sure.

Eta: in case the IRS is reading this, I totes don’t cheat on my taxes so please don’t audit me! :rofl:


Lol that might be an option if you’re in desperate need of vape mail? :sweat_smile:


Yeah… but you can’t vape in prison so… I’ll pass on that. :joy:


Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Some of every tax form submission is automatically checked by computers. Mainly what we submit as wages earned and taxes paid for the year against what the employer submits.


Yeah, i kind of figured it was along those lines. :smile:
Mhmm, taxes… Such a sexy topic.


I made a Cuban Tobacco that I actually like! I don’t like like Pipe or Cigar tobaccos, but I actually like what I made. It’s a Creamy Caramel Tobacco using Havana Dry SC. I almost didn’t use it, glad I did though, it’s quite tasty.

This is a PSA, a Public Service Amber: Do not let School Buses ride your bum in traffic, especially at a stop. Should they check their blindspots, that Crossing Arm will annihilate your bumper.